This is a sitemap for PawPrint Boxers.
Apologies for it not being complete.
It is always a work in progress.

Booker T pages:
            Booker T professional portraits
            Booker T health testing
            Booker T - February 1999
            Booker T - December 2000
            Booker T baby photos
            Booker T - 6 month old photos
            Booker T first AKC puppy match
            Booker T On The Move
            Booker T Veteran Wins
                  Golden Gate Boxer Club - February 2001
                  Golden Gate Boxer Club - August 2001
                  Golden Gate Boxer Club - February 2002
                  Golden Gate Boxer Club - August 2002
                  Golden Gate Boxer Club - August 2003
                  East Bay Boxer Club - October 2003
            Best of Breed - Redwood Empire Kennel Club 9/10/97
            Best in Show - States Kennel Club - Sept. 1997
            American Temperament Test
            March Madness 2002
            Best in Show - Virtual Dog Show
            Booker T - Sleeping Boxer Dog
            Booker T - New Sire of Merit 6-23-02
            Booker T at the 2002 ABC Regionals in Vancouver, WA
            Top Producers 2002
            Health Testing
            New Boxer Mobile
            Wonderful Booker T Story
            Booker T on the cover of a new Boxer book
            Boxer Review - Stud Issue ad
            Booker T caught napping 08/04/03
            Booker T brings in the New Year 01/05/05
            Booker T's bite
            Booker T's Legacy of Champions

Smokey pages:
            Smokey - the Maine Coon kitty
            Smokey loves dog beds
            A Final Goodbye

Crystal pages:
            Crystal - Golden's Gracious Gidget
            American Temperament Test
            Crystal turns 10 years old
            March Madness 2002
            Crystal at play
            Crystal's litter of 10 puppies

Rocky pages:
            Rocky - Ch PawPrint's Rockin Robin
            Show wins

Jake pages:
            Jake - Ch PawPrint's Rockin 'N Nite Away
            show wins
            Search and Rescue

Dudley pages:
            Dudley - Ch PawPrint Do Right By Me, CGC
            show wins
            Best of Breed photos
            Group Photos
            Professional Portraits
            First Dog Shows

Diesel pages:
            Diesel - Ch PawPrint's Winning Ways
            Show Wins
            Best of Winners 10-05-02
            Best Puppy in Regional Specialty 2002
            Ringside Regional Photos
            Best Puppy In Show
            Working Group 1
            Best of Winners - Hobbs, NM #1
            Best of Winners - Hobbs, NM #2
            Best of Winners - 3 point Major - Colorado Kennel Club
            Winners Dog - Coso Dog Fanciers
            Best of Winners - 4 point Major - Scottsdale Dog Fanciers
            Best of Winners - 4 point Major - Yakima Kennel Club - New Champion

Copper pages:
              Copper - Ch PawPrint's Sharper Image
              Show Wins
              7-29-01 Copper and Christina
              4 Point Major Win - October 2001
              New Champion - Best of Breed
              Colorado - 2nd Major win
              Santa Clara - 3rd Major win

JJ pages:
              "JJ" - Ch PawPrint Mirror Image at Ventura
              8 weeks old
              JJ On The Move
              11 months old
              ABC Regional Specialty 2001
              Professional portraits by Marcia Adams
              Best of Breed 12/14/01
              Memphis Kennel Club
              JJ First Major win 12/16/01
              Brazoria Kennel Club - 3 Point Major
              New Champion
              show wins

Ruby pages:
            Ruby - Hi Desert n PawPrint In Plain Sight
            Ruby relaxing in her new home 6/1/2009
            First beach romp 6/7/2009
            Ruby and Brandi snuggling on couch 6/13/2009
            Ruby and Brandi buddies 6/17/2009
            Ruby in Santa Cruz 6/27/2009
            Best Puppy in Specialty - Sacramento Valley Boxer Club 10/23/2009
            Best Puppy in Sweepstakes - Sacramento Valley Boxer Club 10/16/2009
            Best Puppy in Specialty - East Bay Boxer Club 10/16/2009
            Ruby gives crazy face 6/27/2010

Bobby pages:
            Bobby - CH PawPrint Show Must Go On
            Winners Dog - 3 point major - New Champion 3/25/12
            Winners Dog - 4 point major - Oakland Kennel Club 3/24/12
            Winners Dog - 2 points - Superstition Kennel Club 3/05/12
            Winners Dog / Best of Winners - 2 points - Superstition Kennel Club 3/04/12
            Specialty Winners Dog / Best of Winners - 3 points - Boxer Club of Arizona 3/01/12

Brandi pages:
            Brandi - PawPrint Talk To The Paw
            Kiss Me 10/23/06
            Fleet Week 10/14/06
            Nap time with Christina 4/15/06
            Earliest puppy photos

Holly pages:
            Holly - PawPrint Holly Golightly
            Earliest puppy photos

      The PawPrint Gang 1/31/03

      Ken and Booker T 2/07/03

      Digital camera photos 6/2/00

      Benched Dog Show Feb. 1997

      Benched Dog Show Feb. 2004

      Benched Dog Show Feb. 2008

      What's New at PawPrint?

      PawPrint Winners - We have a few

Penny pages:
            Penny - Am/Int'l Ch Rosend's n PawPrint's New Year, CGC TT

    Penny's first litter
                  First Born Photos - 3/29/01
                  1 Week Old Photos - 4/06/01
                  2 Week Old Photos - 4/13/01
                  3 Week Old Photos - 4/20/01
                  4 Week Old Photos - 4/27/01
                  5 Week Old Photos - 5/02/01
                  6 Week Old Photos - 5/11/01
                  7 Week Old Photos - 5/17/01
                  Fun Photos 3/31/01
                  Fun Photos 4/10/01
                  Group Photos 4/27/01
                  Group Photos 5/14/01
                  The Rare Flying Moose
    Penny's second litter
                  First Born Photos - 5/25/04
                  1 Week Old Photos - 6/01/04
                  2 Week Old Photos - 6/08/04
                  3 Week Old Photos - 6/15/04
                  4 Week Old Photos - 6/22/04
                  5 Week Old Photos - 6/29/04
                  6 Week Old Photos - 7/05/04
                  7 Week Old Photos - 7/13/04
                  Fun Photos - 7/11/04
    Penny's final litter
                  First Born Photos - 1/01/06
                  1 Week old Photos - 1/08/06
                  2 Weeks old Photos - 1/15/06
                  3 Weeks old Photos - 1/22/06
            New Champion Photo
            Sacramento Valley Boxer Club
            Del Valle Dog Fanciers
            San Mateo Kennel Club
            East Bay Boxer Club
            Golden Gate Boxer Club
            Pacific Northwest Boxer Club
            Sacramento Valley Boxer Club
            American Boxer Club National Specialty
            Richmond Dog Fanciers
            American Boxer Club Regional Specialty
            Penny Attacks the Pooper Scooper
            Penny Wears Her Flight Jacket
            Portraits by Marcia
            Show Wins
            Pregnancy 2001
            Penny Puppy Photos
            With Kenneth
            Princess Penny
            Baby Whale
            Snuggle Bear
            The Demise of Snuggle Bear
            Christmas 1999
            Christmas 2000
            Christmas 2001
            Christmas 2002
            Christmas 2003
            Christmas 2004
            Halloween 2000
            Frenchie Buddy
            More Buddy photos
            Margeaux/Penny puppy photos
            More Penny puppy photos

Moment pages:
            Moment - Ch PawPrint's Moment In Time
            Show Record
            Spokane Boxer Club - Specialty Reserve Winners Bitch
            Coeur d'Alene Dog Fanciers - Winners Bitch
            Tacoma Kennel Club - Best of Winners
            Yellowstone Kennel Club - Best of Winners
            Richland Kennel Club - Winners Bitch

Delilah pages:
            Delilah - Ch PawPrint's Seduction
            Portraits by Marcia
            Greater Panama City DF - Best of Winners - 2/27/01
            Pensacola Dog Fanciers - Best of Winners - 3/03/01
            Spartanburg Kennel Club - Winners Bitch - 2/17/01
            Hoosier Kennel Club - Winners Bitch - 2/11/01
            Litter born December 24, 2003
                  Puppy photos December 27, 2003
                  Puppy photos December 29, 2003
                  Puppy photos January 06, 2004
                  Puppy photos January 22, 2004
                  Puppy photos January 27, 2004

Speaker pages:
            Speaker - Ch PawPrint's Plainly Spoken, CGC
            Show wins
            Portraits by Marcia
            Best of Opposite Sex - Greater Fort Meyers Dog Club - 5/19/02
            American Boxer Club National Specialty - May 2000
            Best of Winners - Paducah Kennel Club - 6/11/00
            Best of Winners - Space Coast Kennel Club - 6/25/00
            Best of Winners - Hickory Kennel Club - 8/13/00
            Grand Sweepstakes - Boxer Club of Lousiana - 8/08/00
            Specialty Winners Dog - Northeast Boxer Club - 1/06/01
            California visit - 10/21/00
            New American Champion - Tampa Bay Kennel Club - 1/13/02
            Best of Breed - Greater Gainesville DF - 4/07/02
            New Canadian Champion
Speaker breedings/kids:
            Ch Donray's Mist Of The Lake
                  Ch Donray's Jamaica Me Crazy
                  Ch Donray's Butch Cassidy The Kid

Jersey pages:
            Jersey - Ch Raintree's Jersey Girl
            Asbury Park Press - Westminster Article
            New AKC Champion
            Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers - 3rd Major win

Toby pages:
            PawPrint Time For A Boi Toi
            Toby 8 months old - 2/22/08
            Toby Best in Show All-Breed Match - 10/13/07
            Toby Best in Specialty Match - 9/29/07

CARLY - Ch Stardust Rader Carly Party

ROXY - Bix-L's Beloved


"Scrapper" - PawPrint's Classic Image
              Scrapper Ears

Seth - Ch/Gr.Ch/Pam Ch RNL's All Rights Reserved

Gypsy - Ch RNL's Seize The Moment

Queta - PawPrint's Enjoy The Ride

Tess - PawPrint's Andel Vision

Christina with other doggy buddies:
            Sugar the Bullmastiff
            Mr Wiggley the French Bulldog
            Winston the French Bulldog
            Phoebe the French Bulldog
            Simone the French Bulldog
            Rosie the French Bulldog

Regis - Ch Raintree's Private Reserve
            Best of Winners 10/14/02 - Longview-Kelso Kennel Club (2 points)

Dillon pages:
            Dillon - Raintree's Promised Land
            Show wins
            Winners Dog - Linn County Kennel Club - 2/09/03
            Specialty Winners Dog - Pacific Northwest Boxer Club - 3/23/01

Afton pages:
            Afton - Ch Stardust Hightrail Afterglow
            All show win photos

Samson pages:
            Samson - Ch Cinnamon I've Been Seduced
            Samson puppy photos
            Winners Dog 1/09/04 - Manatee Kennel Club (4 Pt Major)
            Best of Winners 1/08/04 - Manatee Kennel Club (4 Pt Major)

Upcoming Litters


Ken's broken foot

My obsession - Pogo .com

Hysterical tune about internet email lurkers

PawPrint Holidays:
            Easter 2003 (1)
            Easter 2003 (2)
            Halloween 2001
            Christmas 2001
            Christmas 2002
            Christmas 2003
            Christmas 2000
            Christmas 2004
            Christmas 2006

Westminster Kennel Club 2005
            Westminster Kennel Club 2005 main page
            The Statue of Liberty
            Views from the Statue of Liberty
            Christo art exhibit - "Gate of Central Park"

Westminster Kennel Club 2004
            Westminster Kennel Club 2004 main page
            Ch Shortale's Columbia Braveheart - with Jimmy Bettis
            Ch Starline Sweet Sensation - Whippet
            Ch Starline Dream Date - Whippet
            New York Knicks practicing

My Walls Are Covered In Boxers!

Christina has a new car - 6/04/03

Conformation Show pages:
            ABC Boxer Breed Standard
            AKC Point Schedule effect 5/14/01 (Boxers only)
            AKC Point Schedule effect 5/14/02 (Boxers only)
            AKC Point Schedule effect 5/14/03 (Boxers only)
            AKC Point Schedule effect 5/14/04 (Boxers only)
            AKC Point Schedule effect 5/14/02 (French Bulldogs only)
            AKC Point Schedule effect 5/14/03 (French Bulldogs only)
            Golden Gate Kennel Club benched show 2002
            Golden Gate Kennel Club benched show 2007
            Golden Gate Kennel Club benched show 2008

      Year 2001 in Review

      Year 2002 in Review

      How To Read Show Dog Advertisements - humorous

      Degenerative Myelopathy

      Beware of Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills

      Beware of Pet Stores and Brokers

      A True Pet Store Tale - Duke's Story

      Free To Good Home

      Classified Ads - bloopers

      The Puppy's Prayer

      Fun Stuff 03-18-02

      PawPrint Gang 03-19-02

      PawPrint Gang 03-07-03

      Interesting Old Advertisements Featuring Boxers 5-14-02

      Christina's Judging Assignments

Famous Show Boxers:
            Ch Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, LOM
            Bang Away page 2
            Bang Away page 3
            Bang Away - official Westminster Best in Show photo
            Bang Away - photo spread in Colliers magazine 1951
            Bang Away retirement dinner photo
            Ch Break Away of Sirrah Crest
            ICh Barrage of Quality Hill, LOM
            Ch Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker, LOM
            Ch Mazelaine Zazarac Brandy, SOM - official Best in Show Westminster photo
            Ch Mazelaine Zazarac Brandy, SOM - another Westminster KC photo
            Ch Mazelaine Zazarac Brandy, SOM - more photo
            Ch Warlord of Mazelaine, SOM
            Ad for Mazelaine Kennels featuring Ch Utz v Dom
            Ch Mazelaine Shot O'Brandy
            Ch Marquam Hills Comanche, SOM
            Ch Marquam Hills Fashion Plate
            Am/Can Ch Marquam Hills Trigger of Turo, SOM
            Ch Marquam Hills Traper of Turo, SOM
            Legacy of Clover Downs, DOM
            Ch Marquam Hill's Ginger Snap
            Ch TuRo's Whisper of 5 T's, DOM
            Ch Berena's Gemini Splashdown, SOM LOM
            Summerbird Leading Lady
            Ch Berena's Tribute to Fa Fa, SOM
            Ch Rogolas Roguito - handled by Al Lee Sr. 1963

      Shall Monorchids Be Disqaulified (1955)

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