New Sire Of Merit
Am/Int'l Ch Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT

On June 23rd in the year 2002, an amazing event took place. An event that will not soon leave my memory. PawPrint's Sharper Image was competing in the 12-18 month dog class in the efforts to win the final 2 points for his Championship title. At just 14 months old, Copper already had 4 Major wins. The show was the Wine Country Kennel Club in Napa, CA. The show was 1 point in both dogs and bitches and was just 2 dogs shy of 2 points in males. There were 4 Specials in competition. Copper went on to give me a win I have never had. This boy, guided by his fantastic handler Jimmy Bettis, went WD/BOW and BEST OF BREED from the 12-18 month class to finish! He finished because he beat the 4 Specials to bump up the point count to 2 points. This was definitely a win that was most unexpected and incredibly rewarding. This was also Booker T's 7th Champion which gave him the official ABC title of Sire of Merit.

In my 9 years with this breed, and 8 years in the ring, I have never had such a spectacular finish to a new Champion. Add to that the fact this was Booker T's 7th Champion as well as my 10th Champion, and you have the makings for a very happy day. I have to add this was also Penny's 2nd Champion from her first litter. Littermate JJ finished last month and also had garnered a BOB from the classes. Copper was bred by myself and is owned by Floyd Watson. He is Floyd's first Boxer and his first show dog. Floyd was at the show to see his boy do so well.

Booker T's 7 Champions are as follows:

dam-Golden's Gracious Gidget (breeders Ken and Christina Ghimenti)
Ch PawPrint's Rockin Robin
Ch PawPrint's Rockin 'N Nite Away
Ch PawPrint's Do Right By Me, CGC

dam-RNL's Beer-Sheba Prize (breeder Lisa Smith)
Ch PawPrint's Moment In Time

dam-Ch Stardust's Radar Carly Party (breeders Paula Fay & Mike Strum)
Ch Stardust Hightrail Afterglow

dam-Ch Rosend's n PawPrint's New Year, CGC TT (breeder Christina Ghimenti)
Am/Can Ch PawPrint Mirror Image At Ventura
Ch PawPrint's Sharper Image

Booker T's breeder is Cindy Grant whom I have maintained a dear friendship with all these years. She was at the show to see his 7th Champion finish. I bought Booker T from Lynda Yon so many years ago when he was a wee pup. She was at the show to see this and has supported me all these years. It is because of these two ladies I have Booker T to share my home and my life.
For this I am eternally grateful.

As I type this, Booker T and Penny are laying at my feet. Crystal is laying in the doorway and always guarding. At 9 years old she still feels the safety of the house is in her capable paws. I am proud of them all.

Christina Ghimenti
PawPrint Boxers

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