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Golden Gate Kennel Club
Benched Dog Show - 2/02/02

Booker T sitting on his bench
Am/Intíl Ch Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT

For those of you who have never been to a benched show, this is basically all the exhibitor gets to see. After you have spent your 10 minutes in the ring, you must be at your bench, with your dog of course, from 9am - 5:30pm. You decorate your bench usually with photos of your dog (s). People get very creative with their benches.

It is a great way to meet the public and share your love for your breed. The Golden Gate Kennel Club has a limited entry of 2500 dogs and that fills up quickly.
Booker T daughter, Dottie Booker T meeting the public

People young and old come to experience your breed. Boxers are a natural politician as they smooze up to everyone.

Booker T meeting the public Booker T meeting the public

I found out that Booker was instantly drawn to any stroller that went by. When one would go by without a baby, he would frantically sniff around for the child.

PawPrint bench PawPrint bench
PawPrint bench PawPrint bench
PawPrint bench PawPrint bench

This is my bench. Both Booker T and his daughter benched for this show. I am proud to say that Dottie went Best of Winners during the Saturday show. She was handled in Winners by her breeder Christina, and for Best of Winners by her owner Dennis. A local news crew was filming the Boxers ringside. Booker T officially got his 15 seconds of fame as he was "interviewed" for the camera.

This was Booker T's 8th benched show in a row and he was a great spokesdog for the breed. Everyone walked away with a great feeling about Boxers. The Greatest Breed on the Earth !!

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