Brandi 15 months old - May 7, 2007
born 1/01/2006 - 9/24/2015
Ch Berlane-Rosend's Tribute to BK, CGC ex Ch Rosend's n PawPrint's New Year, CGC TT

Brandi was born at a time when PawPrint Boxers was in mourning.
Just weeks earlier we had had to say goodbye to our beloved Booker T and Crystal.
We needed some Boxer sunshine in our home and so entered Brandi. Such a lovely happy girl.
Brandi is show pointed from the Bred-By Exhibitor class as well as winning several Best of Breed / Bred-By Exhibitor awards.

Brandi 11 months old 12/16/06Brandi 13 months old 2/19/07
Brandi passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test !!!

Brandi at 9-1/2 years old
Brandi at 9-12 years old with her best buddy Ruby
June 2015

Brandi say good-bye just shy of her 10th Birthday.
Being a much older gal, Mother Nature had been slowly calling her to the Bridge.
I made a promise that she was born in my house and would stay with me until her final days.
I am proud to say that while the decision to say good-bye was not easy, her final day was
a happy sunny warm day spent with her human parents and her Boxer buddies.

Winners Bitch - Best of Opposite Sex
Best Bred-By Exhibitor in Breed
Brandi 18 months old - Winners Bitch for 1 point from Bred-By Exhibitor class
Mensona Kennel Club
August 19, 2007
Brandi 18 months old - Winners Bitch for 1 point from Bred-By Exhibitor classBrandi 18 months old - Winners Bitch for 1 point from Bred-By Exhibitor class
judge: Mrs Christina Hubbell
owner/breeder handler: Christina Ghimenti
show results

Best Bred-By Exhibitor
(class of 4)
Reserve Winners Bitch
(2 point show)

September 16, 2007
Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club

judge: Mr. William Bergum

owner/breeder handler:
Christina Ghimenti

Best Bred-By Exhibitor
in Breed
(with competition)

September 1, 2007
Gold Country Kennel Club

judge: Mrs. Mari J. Hayhurst

owner/breeder handler:
Christina Ghimenti

Brandi 9 months old 10/23/06
Jimmy and Brandi on the move

Best of Breed puppy - Group 4
Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club
September 15, 2006
breeder-judge: Mrs Bert (Roberta) Rettick
owner/breeder handler: Christina Ghimenti

Sierra Tualomne Kennel Club
August 26, 2006
Brandi wins Best of Breed 8/26/06
breeder-judge: John Connolly
owner/breeder handler: Christina Ghimenti

Only the week earlier, Brandi almost died. She had eaten a bee and immediately went into shock. Brandi slowly fell to the ground and was only breathing in a shallow pattern. It was quick and within minutes. Thankfully I was home and was able to pick her limp body up and rush her outside to my husband. We called the emergency vet ahead and broke all speed laws to get her there in time. My terror was she would not make the 10 minute drive. Eye fixated ahead, she continued her shallow breathing and could make no other movements. I rushed her into the medical office where their team was thankfully ready for us. Putting her on oxygen and checking her vitals, they went to work on her limp and non-responsive body. Brandi's heart continued to beat strong and steady which was a blessing. Slowly color started to come into her face and the pads of her paws. Time crawled slowly but steadily Brandi showed improvement. Less than an hour later she was able to walk out on her strength. A bit unsteady, but very much alive. The next 24 hours were crucial if she would suffer another allergic reaction. I stayed up with her the entire time. Thankfully Brandi made it through the night and started to perk up. I learned a serious lesson from this which I had only heard from other Boxer friends; Boxers and bees do not mix. Please heed this story and learn from it.

7 days later Brandi was still thin from her experience but in great spirits. And she was recognized by John Connolly for Best of Breed at a small local show. Brandi won her life back thanks to humans who loved her and she proved she wanted to be here by taking the Breed that day.

Brandi and Marcus
Brandi and her father, Marcus - August 2006

Brandi 4 months old 5/13/06
4 months old

Brandi 7 weeks old 2/19/06 Brandi 7 weeks old 2/19/06
7 weeks old

[ Brandi wears her holter vest 2-08-08 ]

[ Brandi and her Ferret 10-05-07 ]

[ Brandi Can Fly 7-04-07 ]

[ Kiss Me 10-23-06 ]

[ San Francisco Fleet Week 10-14-06 ]

[ Click here to see Brandi's earliest puppy photos ]

[ Naptime photo 4-15-06 ]

Brandi 2 weeks old 1/15/06
"It's An Attitude Thing"

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Health Information

24 Hour Holter - 0 VPC !!

Dr. Kathryn M. Meurs DVM
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology)
Washington State University Cardiac Genetics Laboratory
February 20, 2008
OFA Hips - EXCELLENT rating !!
Dr Gary Brown, DVM, DACVS
Veterinary Orthopedic & Surgery Specialist
January 22, 2008
OFA # BX-3969E24F
only 143 Boxers rated Excellent per OFA to date
Boxers hip rated GOOD = 2493
Boxers hip rated FAIR = 1292
(as of 2/22/08)
Total database of passing Boxers is 3,928 which means only 3% recieved Excellent ratings

SAS - Heart cleared - Murmer Free !!
Dr. Richard D. Kienle, DVM
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology)
January 18, 2007
OFA # BX-CA1244/12F/C

Thyroid tested and cleared
Bloodwork run by Antech labs
May 19, 2008
Preliminary heart cleared - No Murmur
Dr. Randall Popkin, DVM
Cardiology exam - February 2006
AKC DNA profiled V414723

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Ch Berlane-
Rosend's Tribute
to BK, CGC

OFA Hips - Excellent
SAS cleared - no murmur
Holter test "0" VPC
Ch Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, LOM Ch Telstar's Goodtime Charlie, SOM Ch Berena's Gemini Splashdown, LOM
Telstar's High Fidelity, POM
Ginger's Gold 'N Glow, POM Am/Can Ch Mephisto's Spartacus, SOM
Coco's Fansee Dansen
Am/Can Ch Berlane's Flyin High, CDOM Am/Can Ch Bayview Clean Sweep, SOM Ch Bayview Strides Ahead, LOM
Bayview Golden Summit
Am/Can Ch Berlane's Wish Upon A Star, ALOM CLOM Ch Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, LOM
Berlane's Just Causin Kaos, CLOM
Ch Rosend's n
Pawrint's New
Year, CGC TT

Dam of 2 Champions

OFA Hips - Good
SAS cleared - no murmur
Holter test "1" VPC
Am/Can Ch Rosend's Corporate Raider, SOM Ch Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, LOM Ch Telstar's Good Time Charlie, SOM
Ginger's Gold'n Glow
Ch Rosend's Stardust

plain fawn
Ch Telstar's Starmaker, SOM
High Crest's Desert Rose
Ch Rosend Hello Dolly of Bayview

(full sister to Ch Bayview Strides Ahead LOM)
BISS Ch Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, SOM LOM Ch Telstar's Good Time Charlie, SOM
Ginger's Gold'n Glow
Ch Glennroe Tequila Sunrise, DOM
Top 20 - 7 Champions
Ch Glennroe Rum Runner SOM
Lyn'El's Daisy Mae

SOM = Sire of Merit (produced 7 or more champions)
DOM = Dam of Merit (produced 4 or more champions)
CDOM = Canadian Dam of Merit (produced 4 or more champions)
LOM = Legion of Merit (produced 4 or more producers of merit)
CLOM = Canadian Legion of Merit (produced 4 or more producers of merit)
ALOM = American Legion of Merit (produced 4 or more producers of merit)
CGC = AKC Canine Good Citizen
TT = American Temperament Test (ATTS)

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