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Show Record


Moment has had some very nice show wins.

Kennel Club   -   Judge's Name
Orange Empire DC   -   Mrs. Estelle Cohen Winners Bitch   (3 pts)  NEW CHAMPION
Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club   -  Dr Glenn T. Fancy Winners Bitch   (3 pts)  
Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club   -   Kenneth Buxton Winners Bitch  
Coeur d'Alene Dog Fanciers   -   Honey Glendinning Best of Opposite Sex - Winners Bitch
Tacoma Kennel Club   -   Donald Doltz Best of Winners
Yellowstone Valley KC   -   Roger R. Hartinger Best of Opposite Sex - Best of Winners  
Five Valley Kennel Club   -   Gerald Schwartz Best of Opposite Sex - Winners Bitch  
Hurricane Ridge KC   -   Robert S. Forsyth Best of Winners  
Richland Kennel Club   -   Richard C. Jeffrey Best of Opposite Sex - Winners Bitch  

Reserve Wins

Spokane Boxer Club   -   Betsy Merrill LaHam Specialty Specialty Reserve  
Spokane Boxer Club   -   Helen Miller Specialty Reserve  
Dog Fanciers Assoc of Oregon   -   Ted Nichols Major Reserve  
Wenatchee Kennel Club   -   Richard Jeffery Reserve Winners Bitch 
Seattle Kennel Club   -   Warren Hudson Reserve Winners Bitch  
Spokane Kennel Club   -   Arley D. Hussin Reserve Winners Bitch 
Five Valley Kennel Club   -   Bettie L. Krause Reserve Winners Bitch 
Hurricane Ridge KC   -   Mrs. Betsy Merrill LaHam Reserve Winners Bitch 
Nisqually Kennel Club   -   Thomas Squicciarini Reserve Winners Bitch 
Dog Fanciers Assoc. of Oregon   -   M. Joan Frailey Reserve Winners Bitch 

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