February 9-10, 2004

February of 2004, I did something I have always wanted to do; I went back to New York to visit the reknowned Westminster Kennel Club.

This was the 128th show which is the second longest running sporting event next to the Kentucky Derby. I had never been to New York before so this was truly a treat.

Yes, there are thousands of people surrounding all 6 active rings.

The crowds were about 4 deep around each ring. I did feel sorry for the dogs that had to go through them to get to the rings.

I took quite a few photos and here are some of the collections



French Bulldogs


Bullmastiff w/Ron Mattson

German Shorthair Pointer w/Jimmy Bettis

Whippet - Ch Starline's Sweet Sensation

Whippet - Ch Starline's Dream Date

New York Knicks

Our hotel was 2 blocks from the Empire State Building. This landmark was lit up in purple and gold in honor of Westminster.

We stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania

This was directly across the street from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

Christina Ghimenti

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