Ch Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, SOM LOM

This is a photo spread ran in Colliers magazine, June 2, 1951.
Commentary taken directly from the magazine article.
Photos by Arthur Lavine.

Essential part of top dog's show is grooming. Here, at New Haven, on special stand, Levine trims away stray cowlicks.

Aware as a matinee idol of his beauty treatment, Bang Away watches with genuine interest as Levine cleans his hind foot.

Before entering the show ring, the 110-pound Boxer occasionally allows fans to see him at his bench, but Levine frowns on such pre-show excitement.

High point in Bang Away's life is during judging. He performs no tricks, but his vital elegance and perfect grace wow the galleries.

At Hartford, Conn., on second birthday, Bang Away virtually smiled. He was judged best of breed, working group and show.

Morning after any show the Champion has his egg, milk and cereal, gets into Levine's station wagon, hits road to prove elsewhere he's top dog.

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