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06/05/2005: fixed a broken link in the model sheets page. this page will become more organized, backstage, in the next few months. just have patience and bear with me on this.

2/6/2004: WinMX info for downloading SPC episodes.

2/6/2003: Started work on Character descriptions in "Characters" section.

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The Samurai Pizza Cats
This page is being rebuilt. Some older pages that are going to be replaced are not up to date, some newer pages my not be finished.

Samurai Saving Time Presents:

The Nihonbare Project

"Ashita mo zettai Nihonbare!"
That was the title of the final episode of the Japanese version of the Samurai Pizza Cats (Kyatto Ninden Teyande). It means "Tomorrow will be an absolutely beautiful day!", and it's also our motto. "Nihonbare" (Nee-hon-ba-reh) doesn't really translate into English. It means "beautiful day", but it doesn't just refer to the weather. It's a day to be enjoyed. We want Pizza Cats fans everywhere to have a "Nihonbare".

Our Goals
To support the show and it's fans.

Supporting the show : That is, "Samurai Pizza Cats" and it's original Japanese version "Kyatto Ninden Teyande". It is not a new show, KNT was made in 1990, SPC (in English) a year later. However, plenty of old shows get rerun on TV, get released on video/DVD, and we think SPC deserves to be seen. So, we do what we can to get it back, and to introduce this wonderful show to people who haven't had a chance to enjoy it yet.

Supporting the fans : That's you! We want this page to be a good resource for you. Whatever you are looking for in Pizza Cats, we hope you'll find it here or that we can show you where to look.