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Samurai Saving Time News

Saban Selling Out!

Saban is selling out it's interest in Fox Family Worldwide, this means that SPC's ownership will be turned over to Fox. More about this story here
A Message from the producer

Networks may be a pain to deal with, but we did get a real letter from one V.I.P. who noticed us, Andrew Thomas, producer of SPC! (Look for his name in the credits when you watch your tapes). Andrew is still producing TV shows, he says-

I happened across your campaign to Save The Samurai Pizza Cats! Good luck on all your efforts, and I hope you have great success! Wish I could produce another season of shows -- it was great fun the first time around, and would be even more fun now that there is an audience for the programs! (Haim didn't release it in the U.S. when I first made the series in 1990!)


SPC has returned to France! After several years, the cats have returned in their French dub on Fox Kids, France.
Fox Kids Italy promoted SPC as one of the shows they would be brodcasting in Italy earlier this year, however, Fox Kids Italy seems to have mysteriously vanished, at least their web site has, and no one has seen a trace of the Italian version of SPC since. Maybe Fox Kids Italy didn't pay their "protection" money...
Update 11/20/00"
The Fox Kids Italy web page is back, and lists SPC as showing at 7:30 AM Italian time.

The Samurai Pizza Cats have also made an appearance in Poland for the first time, on Polish satellite network "PolSat". However, details are not known at this time. It's likely the English version is being shown with Polish subtitles.
A similar method was used in Holland where the English version was recently run with Dutch subtitles. Unfortunately, it's not on currently, but, SPC has been on and off the air in Holland about half a dozen times, and this one probably won't be the last.
Holland is not the only place where the show has had more than one run.
Canada: SPC has run twice.
UK: About 3 times.
So it's not at all unreasonable to try and get another run in the USA, or even in Canada or the UK. After a show has been off the air long enough for it to not be fresh in people's minds, it's perfectly good re-run material.

We have an SPC Usenet NewsGroup, ""! If your newsreader doesn't carry the group, you can still get to it by going through Deja News here; at Deja news

This FAQ was written for the newsgroup, and contains alot of Pizza Cats info that can be helpful, especially for newer fans.

Pizza Cats News Letter

I am currently sending out by e-mail a monthly SPC news letter. If you'd like to get it, just send me e-mail and tell me you want to subscribe. Also tell me if your e-mail allows attached files (or if you don't just don't want attached files), since there's a picture that comes with each issue.

There's also an 'Extra Toppings' version for anyone with AOL4.0 or higher.

SPC Mailing List

If you don't mind getting even more e-mail, there is a SPC mailing list, just write in with "Subscribe" as the subject line to SPC Mailing list

Cartoon Network
This page's original intention was to get Cartoon network to show Samurai Pizza Cats. We did a pretty good jod too, Cartoon Network had gotten enough mail about Pizza Cats that they made a form letter just for us! It goes like this-

Cartoon Network is always looking for new cartoons to add to the schedule. Unfortunately, some shows may not be available or affordable at this time. Samurai Pizza Cats is a property that Cartoon Network may be interested in - so keep tooning!

Turned out that it was the "not available" part that foiled our plans. Saban's just not letting anyone else have the show.

Just for fun-

Working with other Anime Fans

Save Our Sailors is joining forces with us in the interest of promoting anime on western TV. We anime fans need to stick together! Having other anime shows like Sailor Moon on helps us by proving to TV stations that there is a market for anime.
Save Our Sailors

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