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Fight Censorship!

S.P.C. Kicks Butt!

Awarded for exceptional fanaticism in the battle to promote Samurai Pizza Cats to the networks & the public!

What is "exceptional fanaticism" in promoting SPC?

1-Getting lots of positive attention for the show.

2-Keeping the SPC mailing list, newsgroup, message boards, etc. interesting by posting lots of worthwhile, on topic items.

3-Doing something that helps get SPC back on TV. (More that what I expect out of all of you already)

4-Creating SPC related products or activities to keep the fans of the show entertained.

5-Anything else I say it is.

How is it awarded?

I award it to whoever I think deserves it. Don't ask me to give it to you. (although you are free to tell me about what pro-SPC activity you might be involved with) You may recommend someone else for the award. But it all comes down to my opinion in the end.

The winners may display the award on their web page, print it out and put it on the wall, or whatever. They will also get their name or nickname listed here.


Ian Burry






WW4 (Jeff Ward)


The SPC 2000 Project