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Pizza Cats Model Sheets

Size Chart
Size Comparison Chart
Model sheets are guides used by the animators of a show to help make sure the many people involved in drawing the characters are all draw them the same way.
(Of course, different styles still show through sometimes)
For fans, seeing these model sheets can be helpful for anyone wanting to try drawing the characters, and they give us a chance to get a more detailed look at them that what we can see on a moving TV image.

There are also color model sheets, called "color guides", that are used by the animators to get the colors right when they are painting the cels the animation is made from. Unfortunately, we don't have any of those to show you, but, you can check out the colors by looking at scans of original cels from the show, many of which are now in the hands of fans and collectors. You can see some at the Pizza Cats Cel Gallery.

Model Sheets
Pizza Cats


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