Using WinMX to find Pizza Cats Stuff

What is WinMX?
WinMX is a "person to person" file sharing program. People with the program chose folders on their computer that contain files they are willing to share with others. WinMX connects these files to a system that allows other users to see these files and download them. Both the owner of the files and the person downloading have to be connected to the internet and running the WinMX software. People cannot download files from you unless you are allowing it by running the program and selecting the folders you want to share. No one can see the other files on your computer that you haven't selected for sharing. WinMX is free to download at It only works with Windows 98 or higher. After you download it, follow the instructions to get started.

Finding the Pizza Cats
In the tool bar, click on the "Search" button, then click on the "Open New Search". In the space that says "Artist or Title", type in "pizza cats". Lots of people tend to spell "samurai" wrong, so by leaving that part off, you have a better chance of finding stuff. You can narrow your search to just videos, audio files, or pictures. WinMX isn't very good for finding pictures, you'd have to search a little more specifically, like for "Polly", and then you'd end up some stuff that has nothing to do with SPC. Web searches are better for pictures, use WinMX for the big stuff that people don't usually have room for on a web page, videos and music. Sometimes you might not have any luck. people with the files have to be on WinMX the same time as you are. And even if the are, you might find there is a long "queue" (line or waiting list). Most people only allow a limited number of people to download from them at once. Too many can cause bandwidth problems and prevent the host from being able to do anything else online. Don't worry, just click on the files you want and select "download". The file will be added to your list, and if you don't get it then, you can try later. Patience pays off on WinMX.

The caution you should be using on the rest of the internet applies to WinMX too. Don't download executable files from people you don't trust (exe, scr, ZIP files), they could have a virus or other bad stuff. Spammers have also found WinMX, they often host an advertisement disguised as a file you might be looking for. You can usually spot these because they'll have long names that don't really make any sense. This is because the spammers want to include a bunch of words to make it more likely you'll find the ad during your search. One example you'll often find while looking for SPC episodes is "samurai pizza cats final 2 episodes rm spiderman (2of2) Avenues mp3 aqualung elvis" etc etc. Don't waste your time downloading these.

Looking for Kyattou Ninden Teyande
WinMX is used world wide, and there are Japanese users who have KNT episodes and music available. You can try searching for "teyande", and you might something. Most non-Japanese Windows computers have trouble with Japanese text. You can copy and paste this in your search:
That's "te-ya-n-de" in Japanese hiragana*, and it will just look like gibberish to you unless your computer is made for Japanese text, but WinMX will understand it and use it to search. Most of what you'll find will be mp3s from the KNT sound track, but there are videos of the opening credits and complete episodes.

Be sure to Share!
At first, you might not have any SPC files to share, but once you get some, be sure to put them in a folder that you can share with other SPC fans on WinMX! Someone shared with you after all, so you should do your part too. Click on "shared files" in the tool bar, then "share folder" and select the folder with the files you are sharing. If you add new files later, come back and hit the "refresh" button so they'll show up when others are searching for them.

*Teyande is actually written as "てやんでえ" but some people type it differently, by just using "てやんで", you'll have better luck on your searches.
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