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Samurai Saving Time-Canada

(French Version)
SPC cannot return to television in Canada until Saban releases the syndication rights.
So write to Saban!

There are 2 primary stations in Canada that I recommend you e-mail in regards to SPC, the first is YTV and the second is TeleToon.

YTVYTV is the station that first aired Samurai Pizza Cats back in 1992, they aired it until 1997.   YTV is Canada's premier specialty network for children and families and has been around since 1988.  The station is received in over seven million Canadian households.  The station caters to it's audience; if they receives enough support for a show that they removed from their schedule they have put it back on.  This means the network does react to viewers demands, so if enough of us write/e-mail/etc there is a good chance they will air it again.  YTV is very good with viewer relations and have responded to all my e-mails and letters.  On August 3, 1999 YTV responded to my latest letter.  The key to the whole letter was this line - "Currently, 'Samurai Pizza Cats' is not part of our schedule and our contract to air this series has expired."  The station can choose to renew a contract or not when it comes to negotiation time, my understanding is that SPC has been renewed before.  I see no reason why YTV cannot ask Saban to renew the old contract or sign on for a new one.   Now, as with all of my letters to YTV I have gotten this sentence - "please be assured that your suggestions have been forwarded to our Programming Department for future consideration."  If their programming department receives enough mail (from us - *hint*) they may decide to include it into their schedule.  If you would like to read a full copy of the letter I received (YTV has some nice stationary) you can read it by clicking here.   Remember, even if YTV decides to air the show again Saban has to release it first.  Perhaps pressure on the part of YTV (courtesy of us of course) will encourage them to release the show and get it back on Canadian television.

TeleToon is the only 24 hour cartoon network in Canada, founded in 1997 and is much like the Cartoon Network in the USA.  TeleToon is a WIC (Western International Communications) cable station.  Currently TeleToon isn't available throughout the country but is available in most major metropolis's.  It has an Eastern Time French signal (available for pick up everywhere) as well as an Eastern and Pacific Time English signal (available for pick up everywhere).   TeleToon specializes in Canadian cartoons (over 50% of it's line up is Canadian in origin - some are rather strange) and work in association with their shareholders: Family Channel, YTV, Nelvana and Cinar.  Although SPC is a Saban production, many of the key behind-the-scenes engineers and all the vocalists are some of the most prominent Cinar employees.   Because of the Canadian connections, TeleToon would have little reason to turn down the show because it isn't "Canadian".  I feel that if YTV has no plans to air the show, TeleToon is the next most obvious choice.

White Cat has offered some suggestions for writing to them;
They divide their programs into several age groups - "Kids" and "Families" would both work for Pizza Cats. They also stress having "Canadian" programs, so tell them how it is kind of Canadian-ish, (I think most or all the voice actors are Canadian -Vi) and how they mention Quebec (they'll really like that). Also, they strike me as being rather politically correct, so feel free to drone on about how Pizza Cats are "multicultural" because it was translated into several languages (Including French!-Vi)

So here's the mailing info for the most crucial places:

SST Saban Info
YTV's web-page. 
YTV suggestions form 
Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 369, 
Station C 
Toronto, Ontario 
M6J 3N1 
TeleToon Web Page 
TeleToon Suggestions E-Mail 
Mailing address: 
BCE Place 181 Bay Street 
P.O. Box 787 
Toronto, Ontario 
M5J 2T3

Now in every scene there is a the possibility of a dark horse so if I were to suggest a dark horse I'd suggest a WIC company.  Often times shows that air on basic cable (which is what these next 4 WIC stations air) are picked up by the cable stations such as YTV.

WIC (Western International Communications)
WIC home page

Suggested WIC stations:

(Vancouver, BC) 
Web Site
(Edmonton, AB) 
Web Site
(Red Deer, AB) 
(Calgary, AB) 
Web Site

So everything up to now I consider a possibility to airing SPC.   But if you feel that SPC may fit into a line up in a station that I have not yet listed here's a few stations and their web sites that you may enjoy and consider a possibility.

ATV's main E-Mail 
ATV's web-page
Programming suggestions for CTV 
CTV's web-page.
CBC's Web Page. 
Mail CBC.
Web Site
Family Channel 
Web Site
"The Imagination Station" 
Web Site

Anime TV Guide for Canada
It's a neat little Canadian anime guide but it hasn't been updated in almost a year but you can still check it out.

Anime TV Guide for Canada

If you have any suggestions for this page, SST Canada please e-mail me

mail"I need your help to help you! If you have any info or suggestions to help SST-Canada (or SST in general) Write to me, Fran or Lil' Polly!

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