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Samurai Saving Time - U.S.A.

Saban selling out!

Saban is selling out it's share of the Fox Family Channel and Fox Kids, it looks like Fox will soon own the rights to SPC.

There is a Fox Family Channel website.
The Fox Family Channel e-mail address is, and the snail mail address is:
Fox Family Channel
10960 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2081
Los Angeles, CA
And you can still use this comment form you can use to tell them what you think.
There's also a toll free phone number if you prefer:

Remember, be polite, don't insult their other shows no matter how stupid they are. But let them know you want Samurai Pizza Cats. (And be sure to call the show "Samurai Pizza Cats", not "SPC", we are used to using "SPC", but don't expect everyone to know what that stands for.

FFC is really our best hope for now, but, personnally, I wish the Pizza Cats could be on Cartoon Network. CN is a great home for any cartoon, and they currently show anime hits like the extreamly popular "Sailor Moon", and "Dragonball Z" (I wish I had a dollar for every time someone says "power level" on that show...). Pizza Cats would be great on "Toonami" with these shows, don't you think so?
With Saban selling off it's Fox Kids assets, who knows?

Fox Family Channel


Comments form


Saban contact info

Cartoon Network



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