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D20 Modern... In the Future

The year is 2359. Earth is controlled by Communist forces. Two alien races battle each other in a war that may never end. Free humanity, the descendents of the founders of what were formerly pleasure planets for the ultra-rich stuggles to stay alive and push profit margins while trying to avoid being crushed between Earth, the Drentrasi, and the Velshoon.

This is a page for D20 Modern in Space, a RPG I was running through Interzone, a Madison based gaming group. A wealth of information about the campaign setting and the rules I am using can be found here.

Important Rules for the Campaign
A Brief History of Space Travel and the People's Proletarian Revolution, focuses on the early history of the colonies and of Earth.
Intoduction to Space Combat
Rules for Ships and Ship Systems
The accompaning spreadsheet for the ship systems
The Free Human Confederation
Planetary Info: Aries
Planetary Info: Gemini
Planetary Info: Leo
Planetary Info: Scorpio
Planetary Info: Sagittarius
Planetary Info: Capricorn
Planetary Info: New Jerusalem
Planetary Info: Sin
Alien Dosier: The Drentrasi
Alien Dosier: The Velshoon

My main page
Wizards of the Coast, the company that makes D20 Modern

Email me at with any comments, questions, or concerns. Those in the game have my preferred email address and should use that instead.
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