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Atomic Rooster's

Vincent Crane

Vincent Crane of Atomic Rooster

Early bands, JC and the Machine, the Vincent Crane Band, poetry and jazz with the Word Engine.
66: Joined with Arthur to form the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and co-wrote songs for the album and the Hit Single "Fire". Left CWOAB along with Carl Palmer and..
69: Formed Atomic Rooster.
70:With Carl and Nick Graham the 1st Rooster album "Atomic Ro-0-oster, released in February. With John Cann and Paul Hammond, "Death Walks Behind You", released in September.
71:With John, Paul and Pete French, "In Hearing of.." released in July.
Played piano on "Wave Myself Goodbye" & "I'm Not Surpised"on the self titled Rory Gallagher album.
72: With Chris Farlowe, Steve Bolton and Ric Parnell, "Made in England",
73: With Chris, Ric and Johnny Mandala, "Nice 'N Greasy".
75: Disbanded Atomic Rooster, mid-February, the final gig being with members of Sam Apple Pie for an RSPCA Benefit.
Vincent Crane

Vincent Crane's Atomic Rooster
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Mark Berrier

75:cont. Worked as Musical Director for Stomu Yamashta's Red Budhha Theatre Company, "Raindog".
76:Worked in theatre as Musical Advisor to Royal Court's Children's Theatre Festival
77: Recorded the music for Ritual Of The Stifling Air by Paul A Green for BBC Radio. & renewed the jazz and poetry gigs with Paul.

Fire Fighter by Green Goddess recorded during the Fireman's Strike '77
<click here> for Striking a Chord an article by Keith Nicholls written at the time of the Fireman's Strike 2002, a memory of that time, 25 years later.

Also recorded an album "Calypso" with Toni Verde, St Just's bassist.

Vincent Crane with Toni Verde

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78: Met up with Arthur Brown again and began working on new material. Played keyboards on the CWOAB, "Chisholm In My Bosom".
79: New albums, "Faster Than The Speed Of Light" with Arthur Brown, "Dune" with Klaus Schulze, "Time Actor" & "Wahnfried" with Arthur and Klaus.
80: Reformed Atomic Rooster with John Cann. "Atomic Rooster" released on EMI, also 12" "Do You Know Who's Looking For You.". 12" Singles, "Play it Again" and "End of the Day" on Polydor.
83: With Paul Hammond on drums, guitarists, Dave Gilmour, Bernie Torme and John Mizarolli, "Headline News".
84: Disbanded Atomic Rooster again.Under the name of Katmandu with Peter Green, Ray Dorset, Jeff Whittaker and others recorded "A Case For The Blues".

85: Joined Dexys Midnight Runners. "Don't Stand Me Down".
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87: Dexys Midnight Runners Disband.

Vin with Dexy's

88: Working with John Mizarolli, Vincent played keyboards for the track, "Tibet" on John's album "Gigging for the Angels"
Gigging for the Angels
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February 14th 1989, sadly Vincent died of an overdose of painkillers after a brave fight against manic-depression.

For full information on Vincent Crane's Atomic Rooster and Vincent's complete biography, please go to::

Vincent Crane's Atomic Rooster - A History of

Site run by Vincent's widow, Jean, with photographs, articles and reviews from her own personal collection.
Vincent Crane of Atomic Rooster.

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With many thanks to Jim Cabler, a real collection of Vin's work!

Vincent Crane Tapestry

Long Live the Rooster!

**2002 An album has just been released from Mike Finesilver's archives of an album of songs by Elli, recorded way back in the mid-sixties on which Vincent plays keyboards.
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