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Atomic Rooster's
Nick Graham

Nick Graham of Atomic Rooster

With many thanks to Stephen Pearce, Julian Perry and Tony Seymour for additional infromation and to Nick himself for corrections, additions and updates..

69: Nick Graham, bass player, vocalist and flautist, was recruited by band founders,Vincent and Carl, to the ranks during autumn '69. Nick contributed two co-writes to the 1st Rooster LP, recorded during Dec '69 and Jan '70 for release Feb '70. Nick also gigged with Rooster up to end of Mar '70.
70: Joins CBS band Skin Alley, August '70, on bass, flute & vocals. for their 2nd album "To Pageham & Beyond";
72:They release album Two Quid Deal.
73: They release album Skin Tight and break up not long after it's release.
80:Nick then goes on to form Alibi in 1980 but the band is only shortlived.
85:Nick toured with THE EXPLORERS (Phil Manzanera & Andy Mackay from Roxy Music) playing keyboards - yes keyboards! Album "Live At The Palace"
88:Nick wrote a song called "The Flame" for US rock band Cheap Trick which went to No.1 in the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in July 1988, and has logged nearly two million airplays to date (From the album "Lap Of Luxury"). Also wrote songs on two subsequent Cheap Trick albums "Busted" & "Woke Up With A Monster".
91:He also wrote Remember My Name for House Of Lords which charted in the US in 91
mid 90's: forms The Humans with Jess Rodens.
92:Details of Nick's appearance on the Dave Jackson (ex Van der Graaf Generator sax man) solo CD.David Jackson....Tonewall Stands. Voiceprint VP104CD Released 1992. Nick plays on 8 out of the 10 tracks playing bass,piano,guitar,drums and percussion, he also did the final production, mixing and mastering at Glass Trap Studios July/August 91 and at a studio in Uxbridge September 91 also appearing on the cd is Moonboot from the excellent Magic Mushroom Band.
Also in Europe had a UK/European hit called "I'll Cry For You" which Nick co-wrote with frontman Joey Tempest. From the album "Prisoners In Paradise"
92-95 Jess Roden and the Humans featuring Gary Grainger. Nick plays bass and produces album "Jess Roden & The Humans" and "Jess Roden & the Humans Live!"
98-2001 "The Complete Milennium Musical(abridged)" performed by The Reduced Shakespeare Company (yes it's comedy, the new rock'n'roll!) tours US, UK and Australia with music by Nick Graham. Nick is also the musical director and for the first three months of production in the US, actually plays keys and guitar onstage every night. Album "The Complete Millenium Musical(abridged) - All Of The Songs And None Of The Dances"

02 Irish girl band Bellefire recorded one of Nick's songs on their debut album "Perfect Bliss".
02/2003 Nick toured toured with Jim Capaldi's band in Germany and UK on bass and backing vocals, and also co-wrote a song on Jim's latest album "Living On The Outside.

He has also written songs for Leo Sayer and Jennifer Rush.He can be spotted briefly in the film White Mischief as the orchestra pianist. He still lives in England with his wife and daughters.

Nick 2000!

Gary Skipsey writes:

00:Nick has played in East Sussex in my band "Strike a Light and the Swan Vestas" at the SWAN INN Dallington East Sussex and other gigs inc. Highclere Castle in 2000. In the band is also original Skin Alley member, keyboards Krzsztof Juszkiewicz..

01:Nick will be playing at the Swan later in 2001 with Krszstof aka Kafka. and of course me the non-famous person (but it's my band!)

If you have any further information on Nick please contact us.

From Julian Perry, 11th May '00, "CBS band Skin Alley whose other personnel included, I believe, bespectacled drummer Tony Knight, previously of mid 60s outfit Tony Knight and the Chessmen, a band which featured the remarkable shaven-headed sax player Lol Coxhill, who is still around and gigging. "

From Tony Seymour, 24th August '00...".There was a very cryptic, but large sized personal message that someone paid to put in Melody Maker, - it was along the lines of "Do you remember Nick, Carl?", which I presumed could've been aimed at Carl Palmer; especially as ELP were still huge in those days, - of course, it may not have been referring to Nick Graham &/or Carl Palmer. I hope that others will be able to reveal more than I've been able."

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