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Atomic Rooster's
John Cann
(Later known as John DuCann)

John DuCann of Atomic Rooster

With many thanks to Miguel Terol and Jan Horjus for additional information.

Early bands were the Attack with Richard Shirman and Andromeda with Mick Hawksworth. The Attack's 1st single "Hi Ho Silver Lining" was covered by Jeff Beck, 3 wks after its original release.
70: John was recruited into Rooster, by Vincent, as guitarist to augment the existing three piece, however as John entered in March '70, bass- player and vocalist, Nick, exited. John also took on vocalist role as well as assisting Vincent on bass lines.John went into the studio to add guitar and vocal to the recently released 1st Rooster LP, for its U.S release.After gigging hard the band recorded the "Death Walks Behind You" LP, released in September '70, John played guitar, sang and wrote songs for this LP. Heavy touring followed up to the recording of "In Hearing Of", John contributing guitar and songs for this LP too.

Albert Hall, NottinghamPaul Hammond and John DuCann autographs
Autographed ticket from the Atomic Rooster Gig at the Albert Hall, Nottingham
Friday, 7th May 1971.
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71: Leaves Atomic Rooster with Paul Hammond to form Daemon with bass player John Gustafson and vocalist Al Shaw. Entrance to Hell is released after which Al Shaw leaves and the band become Bullett which due to legal complications with a band of the same name later became known as Hard Stuff. Album "Bulletproof", single "Hobo" and album "Bolex Dementia". After a car crash in which Paul Hammond was seriously injured, Hard Stuff disbanded.
Daemon, The Enrance to Hell.
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Hard Stuff, Bole Dementia.
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75:John became affiliated with Chappell Music and Andrew Heath Music as a songwriter
When Gary Moore left Thin Lizzy, John played guitar for two European tours.
John then briefly worked with members of Status Quo who appear on his solo album from the 70's.
79: Had top thirty hit with "Don't Be A Dummy", an ad for Levi jeans, written by Ronnie Bond and John Wilkinson.

John Du CannDon't be a Dummy.
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80: Vincent Crane makes contact again and together they reform Atomic Rooster. EMI Album "Atomic Rooster", 12"single "Do You Know Who's Looking for You?" Polydor 12" singles "Play it Again and "End of the Day".
83-87: Left Rooster and moved to Norfolk where he set up a greenhouse & conservatory manufacturing company and continued with his songwriting.
89:With Jeannie Crane produced a tribute album to Vincent Crane who sadly died earlier that year, "The Devil Hits Back".

Enter the World of Thin Lizzy

With sadness, John died on September 22nd 2011 from a suspected heart attack

RIP John

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