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Vincent Crane with Toni Verde 1977

Vincent Crane with Toni Verde

Calypso (1977/Mellow)

The first solo by Saint Just's bassist, produced by White Noise's David Vorhaus (who also plays on it, as does Vincent Crane from Atomic Rooser.) Almost completely instrumental except for some extremely pleasant female vocals at the beginning. This is a real winner, filled with new ideas and unusual approaches to progressive fusion. It really doesn't sound like anything else. Quite upbeat and energetic, it nevertheless possesses an appealing grit, and avoids late-'70s fuzak schmaltz altogether. Flute,vibes, bass, acoustic guitar, piano, sax, and synths (sparingly used) fill up the sonic space with excellent tunes and spot-on soloing. The emphasis is on the compositions, and they're all great, varied, and not terribly "jazz"-like at all. Maybe some of the fusion-oriented Zeuhl-offshoots can provide a clue. Elastic fantastic.

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