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Atomic Rooster's

Pete French

Pete French of Atomic Rooster

Stop Press!

Pete played a gig with Mick Moody at the Eel Pie Club in Twickenham
called Rock Ola on the 11th November '09, a good night!

Here are some links of this gig with thanks to Stephen Barker

With many thanks to Jan Horjus, John, Dixie and Mike Healy for additional information.

Early bands:
Switch, Erotic Eel, Joe Poe, the Brunning Sunflower Blues Band (first recording as vocalist on "Bullenstreet").
Black Cat Bones which later evolved into Leafhound,

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69:In October of this year, Pete French was the singer in Big Bertha band, fronted by Cozy Powell (with Denny Ball and Dave Ball).

71:Featured in a Status Quo tribute single, "Status Rock" credited to the Headbangers.

Pete was recruited into Atomic Rooster during the second quarter of '71 as vocalist to record Rooster's 3rd LP, "In Hearing Of" which was released July '71. Alongside Vincent, John and Paul, Pete sang on this record and undertook the ensueing tours.

72: Joins Cactus with the Vanilla Fudge rhythm section of Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice.Appears on their 4th album album 'Ot 'N' Sweaty.

Pwete French of Cactus! Pete of formelry Atomic Rooster! Pete French and Cactus!
Pete French of Cactus.

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Pete also appeared in "De Fehrer", a German Rock Opera.

76/77 recruited into German band Randy Pie.Appears on '77 album Fast Forward. By end of '77 Randy Pie has disbanded.

78 Pete has a solo album released "Ducks in Flight"!

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Pete French Ducks in Flight

From John, August 23rd 2000.... I bought an anthology cd by Cactus and he sings on one of the songs. The song is called "Bad Stuff".
From "Dixie" Howard, August 24th 2000....I'd like to add from The Cactus anthology CD. Carmine Appice states "the Faces thing was really starting to explode and we wanted to go a bit more in that direction". Filling the "English singer" role, Bogert and Appice enlisted former Atomic Rooster frontman Peter French. The Cactus "'ot 'N' Sweaty" LP (CD) 1972 is one of the hardest rockin' boogie albums ever recorded. I still listen to it once weekly and still wish I'd been at the concert that side one was recorded at. I bought one of the Randy Pie LPs in 1976 (only because of French). Shortly after lost it to a friend. Really can't remember what it sounded like, but I distinctly remember Peter on the back of the cover. Thin as a rail, dark tanned and with a shag haircut (in other words: definitive COOL- in an early Keith Richards kind of way). I'm still trying to re acquire that album.

Feb. 6th 2002, the very latest news in from Pete himself:

"Thought I'd send you an update to let your site know that I have been asked to do a performance gig at the Eel Pie Club -at the Cabbage Patch, 67 London Rd, Twickenham, on 6th March 2002. I will be guesting with John Iden of the Yardbirds on Guitar,Gary Moberly on Keyboards,Sam Kelly on Drums, Ted Collen on Bass, and Andy Thompson on Saxaphone, should be a fun night, tell the fans. Previous info- have recently done two guest appearances at York House Twickenham (Richmond Rythm & Blues 2001)they were both sellout shows, for the Mayor of Richmond's charity bash. Well, I'm gonna close now, hope it's of use to you, bye , - Pete French."

If you have any further information on Pete, please make contact us so that we are able to make an update.

2006 Update

Leaf Hound.
Freelance Fiends, Growers Of Eternal Grooves.
Words and Interview: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

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All the most recent information re. Pete and the newly reformed Leafhound can be found on their website

and MySpace page :

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