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Atomic Rooster's

Johnny Mandala
(Later known as John Goodsall)

Johnny Mandala of Atomic Rooster.

December 3rd 2011 - Update
John will be touring in May with Patrick Moraz - Y Los Glandos Píñeal

October 28th 2011 - Update
"I'm in the studio currently w/ Percy Jones doing an album for a friend of Phil's & mine who lives in Tokyo. Mark Murdock.
Also I am now a DJ (& vj) my 1st gig at a huge Halloween party Saturday haha!!!

March 4th 2010 - New MP3 download from iTunes;
Franz Pusch:'Only Visions'
with John Goodsall - Guitar,
Franz Pusch - Synths/Vocal/Chapman Stick,
Rudy Sarzo -Bass and Simon Wright - Drums.

September 27th 2009 and some recent photos from John.

For a recent article in the Albert Lee Tribune with more information on what John is doing now

November 30th '07 update

John Goodsall here, thanks for compiling the great info page. In response to the request for more info (Fire Merchants blog) during that time I recorded on several film soundtracks incl. The Doorman,No Small Affair,North Shore,Can't Buy Me Love,Wave Warriors & Point Break. Did sessions with Billy Idol (his live band was listed as musicians but did not play on the 'Rebel Yell' album). LA studio session players did that record incl myself, & I played the guitar solo & all guitars on 'Rebel Yell' for session fees.

Here is more info from

John Goodsall:[Guitars,Midi Guitar] Performed live and-or recorded with Argent, Atomic Rooster, Toni Basil, The Alan Bown Set, Brand X, Carol Grimes' Babylon, Celebrity Skin, Eric Clapton, Mike Clark, Billy Cobham, Phil Collins, Lisa Dal Bello, Desmond Dekker and The Aces, Paul Delph, Mick Fleetwood, The Fire Merchants, Flea, Andy Fraser, Peter Gabriel, Billy Idol, John Kay, Liquid Junior, Gaspar Lawal, Karen Lawrence (Blue By Nature), John Martyn, Melissa Manchester, Bette Midler, Patrick Moraz, Billy Preston, Roscoe Gee, Chester Thompson, Alphonso Johnson, Jeff Beck, Jan Hammer, Paulinho Da Costa, Bryan Addams, Mike Rutherford, Anthony Phillips, Eddie Howell, Nona Hendrix, Sylvia St. James, Jack Lancaster, Tamiyah Lynn, Mark Isham, Kevin Gilbert, King Sunny Ade's African Beats, Loughty Amao, Simon Phillips, Junior Marvin, Jamie Sherriff, Terry Reid, Jimmie Spheris, Hunt Sales, Tony Sales, Katey Sagal, Jimmie Woods, Blue Thunder w/Paul Williams, Tunnels, Turneround, The Reactors, Mike Linden & Eric Rigler(of Bad Haggis), Ava Cherry, Micheal Des Barres, Bill Bruford, Cheryl Ladd, Lee Ving, X-Ray Spex.

Currently I'm working in studio with Franz Pusch who produced The Fire Merchants & played keyboards with Brand X, and Myke Pollard.

Feel free to contact me & I welcome any further inquiries & interest,

John Goodsall

With thanks to "Dixie" Howard, Miguel, Vili and Anthony for earlier added information.

Prior to Atomic Rooster, John Goodsall played in a band called Babylon
73: John Goodsall is recruited into the Rooster ranks replacing the departing Steve Bolton, John records guitar for the "Nice N Greasy" release, contributing the song "Goodbye Planet Earth".
75:After RAtomic Rooster's disbandment in '75, John forms Brand X, a Jazz-Rock fusion outfit, including, at times, a Phil Collins, on drums. Also appears on the Eddie Howell album Gramophone Record.John was also part of a one-off studio band called The Soul Searchers, who released a single in 1975. The lineup included great musicians, such as Gary Moore, Jack Lancaster, Bill Bruford, Percy Jones and Robin Lumley.
76:Brand X release Unorthodox Behaviour.Appears on Jack Lancaster album Marscape.
77:Brand X release Livestock & Moroccan Roll.
78:Brand X release Masques.Appears on Bill Brufford album Feels Good To Me.
79:Brand X release Product..
80:Ric Parnell and John Goodsall were the drums and guitars on Michael DesBarres "I'm Only Human" LP. Also appears on the Andy Forray album Drac's Back. Brand X album Do They Hurt.
81:John Goodsall and Ric Parnell played on an album by Lisa Dalbello, called "Drastic measures",
82: Brand X, Is There Anything About.
89: Forms Fire Merchants with ex Genesis drummer Chester Thompson.Release album of same name
92:Appears on Tamiya Lynn album.Brand X reform release X Communication
97: Brand X release Manifest Destiny, Plot Thins, on drums, Rooster's Preston Heyman!
98: Brand X Missing Period.
00: Brand X Timeline.
00.John Goodsall performs the lead guitar work on Greasy Fingers--a 12 song project released in September, 2000 by the Long Beach Mercenaries. The all-acoustic folk/rock/blues CD can be sampled and/or purchased through and



John Goodsall performs the lead guitar work on Greasy Fingers--a 12 song project released in September, 2000 by the Long Beach Mercenaries. The all-acoustic folk/rock/blues CD can be sampled and/or purchased through and


Sarah Pillow's latest CD,"Nuove Musiche" is out! In 1602 Italian composer Giulio Caccini wrote a book of songs and called it “Le Nuove Musiche” (‘the new music’). Sarah Pillow took songs from the 17th century and re-arranged them for the 21st with John Goodsall on electric and acoustic guitar, Percy Jones on bass, Marc Wagnon on vibes, samples and percussion, and Frank Katz on drums.

the group

Follow this link: to find more information.
The CD is now in stores but you can order it directly from this page:

Buckyball Music, Inc.
P.O Box 2034,
Radio City Station, New York,
NY 10101
phone 212 333-5812
fax 212 333-5813

For more information: call 800 823 0635 or email
Or visit the Buckyball Music website:

John Goodsall's latest tour!

Poster from the tour

8th November '01 from Charles "Chuck" Stack.....
Greetings from Chicago! My friends & I just saw Tunnels & Le Nuove Musiche at a venue called "Martyr's" on Th, 8 November 2001...both John Goodsall & Percy Jones were in FINE form, the place was packed, fans were VERY appreciative (Chicago was always a huge jazz rock city & loved Brand X!!). John's playing was topnotch, easily up to the best days of Brand X (I had seen them 4 times) but with some real introspection & thought...his acoustic guitar work behind Sarah was quite beautiful & touching! After the show, my friends & I spoke with John for quite a long time...discussing his guitar preferences (he used to endorse Brian Moore MIDI guitars but prefers his black Strat with custom Leo Fender pickups!!), life in general...I know he has battled tendonitis in the past, and he has modified his style to rely less upon his right elbow during staccato runs (I am a guitarist if you haven't noticed!). No discomfort noticed or mentioned... Anyway, it was great to see John in our fine city again, I made John & Percy PROMISE to come back often & they took it with a big smile!! The concepts of Nuove Musiche are at times startling, always innovative...we hope they have a wonderful time with it!! All musicians (Marc, Frank etc.) are just top-shelf... All for now...I have worked a bit with Captain Beyond and hope to get John an interview in the American magazine "Vintage Guitar" (with whom I have worked on projects, including the return of Captain Beyond & Flash's Peter Banks!!). Please write back if you want some details, I know VG will be very interested in John's story PLUS it gets word out that he is back on the stage!!! Vintage Guitar® magazine : Welcome to the most vintage information on the planet! Very best to our British friends, Charles "Chuck" Stack, Chicago, Illinois USA


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