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Atomic Rooster's
Carl Palmer

Carl Palmer of Atomic Rooster

69.Carl and Vincent arrived back in the UK to form Atomic Rooster after departing from The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown at the end of a U.S. tour. Even as a young 19 year old, Carl was already an experienced drummer having played with The Thunderbirds and Crazy World. A Jazz influenced drummer Carl had an all-action style, his drum solos worth the ticket price alone. Carl has two co-writes on the 1st LP and after its recording, toured with Rooster, first with Nick on bass and then John on guitar, this being the "progressive" facet of Rooster music.
By June '70, Carl had left to join Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, to form Emerson, Lake and Palmer, playing his last Rooster gig on May 31st.
Atomic Rooster Family Tree
Extract from the Asia Family Tree drawn by Pete Frame: <see enlargement>

79: ELP disband. Formed his own band called PM.
80: PM disband.
81: Joined Asia.
88: Left Asia.Formed 3 with Keith Emerson and Robert Berry.
89: 3 disband.
90: Rejoined Asia.
91: Gets together again with Keith Emerson and Greg Lake.
92: ELP start touring again.
ELP early interview
Interview with Carl Palmer re. the early days of ELP: <see enlargement>

00: In April/May this year, Carl toured the UK and has plans in the very near future to tour Europe with his band "Palmer"

Also a new release from Qango, a band founded with John Wetton (Asia).
carl palmer
Click here for a review on Voiceprint "Live in the Hood". photo by Doug Anderson
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Classic Rock says that Carl, Keith and Greg are reforming ELP! Although Carl will continue with his own projects and his new band Palmer! ELP Reform?
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The Very Latest News 2001:
Re: Drum Clinic and Shows February 2001 in Italy with Carl Palmer:

February 24: Mc Ryan's - Strada Carignano 62 - Moncalieri -Torino. Clinic: 18:30 - Show: 22:00. Contact: Carmine 011-646483
February 25: Palasport Ceron - Via Euganea - Selvazzano D. - Padova.Clinic: 18:30 - Show: 21:00.Contact: Mauro 0335-6062877
February 26: Cinema "C" - Piazza Basilica - Concordia Sagittaria - Portogruaro. Clinic: 21:00 - Show: 22:00. Contact: Gianni Moretto 0349-6902711 #
February 27: Teatro Sperimentale - Via Rossini - Pesaro. Clinic: 16:30 - Show: 21:30. Contact: Adriano Pedini 0721-820275
February 28: Teatro Comunale - Piazza Duomo - Atri - Teramo. Clinic: 20:30 - Show: 21:30. Contact: Ilario Torrieri 0333-3709634

More Drum Clinics:

"Hello All, Carl and I have arranged a drum clinic tour in the UK starting in April. To date we have the following gigs confirmed.
If there are any drummers out there then all of the following dates (except Poole) will be holding a Masterclass with Carl on the day of the clinic. This would occur approx 1 hour before the doors open. Anybody interested in attending the Masterclass or the Clinics should phone the numbers below to reserve tickets. As soon as I know the additional dates and venues I shall post them here straight away. Regards, Frank Askew"

<see the Drum Garden Website>
1/4/01 Poole Percussion 01202 763944
2/4/01 The Percussion House Cardiff 02920 614999
3/4/01 Drumwright Reading 0118 944 1418
4/4/01 The Drum Centre Manchester 0161 789 4415
5/4/01 The Northern Drum Centre Bradford 01274 371271

And also, the Carl Palmer Anthology Double CD due for Spring 2001 release, history of Carl's music through the years with some previously unreleased tracks.

New this month... Carl Palmer's new band "PALMER", featuring Carl, Shaun Baxter & Dave Marks, has announced that they will be performing at the Royal Festival Hall on July 18th, 2001. The event, "An Evening with Carl Palmer", will feature the new progressive rock trio covering a variety of material including ELP numbers such as Toccata, Tank, Hoedown, The Barbarian, Enemy God Dances With The Black Spirits, Fanfare For The Common Man, Bullfrog, Canario & L.A. Nights. This is part of a drum festival called Rhythm Sticks.
A new biography of Emerson Lake and Palmer:
Emerson Lake & Palmer
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Carl Palmer Classic Rock


1970 Emerson, Lake and Palmer, debut album.
1971 Tarkus, Pictures At An Exhibition, with ELP
1972 Trilogy, with ELP.
1973 Brain Salad Surgery, with ELP
1974 Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends, with ELP
1977 Works Vol. 1, Works Vol. 2 , with ELP
1978 Love Beach with ELP
1979 In Concert ELP (re-released later with extra tracks as Works Live)
1980 Best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer , One PM, as PM
1982 Asia
1983 Alpha, with Asia
1985 Astra, with Asia
1988 Three To the Power of Three with Keith Emerson and Robert Berry.
1990 Then & Now, Asia,
1991 Aqua, Live in Moscow, Live in Nottingham, all with Asia.
1992 Black Moon, with ELP
1993 Live at the Royal Albert Hall, Works Live, Return of the Manticore Box Set, with ELP
1994 In the Hot Seat, with ELP.
1996 Archiva Vol.2 with Asia, (Carl on one track only "The Smoke that Thunders")
1997 Now Nottingham Live , re-release of earlier album with Asia, King Biscuit Flower Hour ELP Live, Live in Poland, Live At The Isle of Wight with ELP
1998 Then and Now, ELP
2000 Very Best of Asia: Heat of the Moment.

- Greg Lake From the Beginning:Retrospective 1997
- Mike Oldfield Five Miles Out 1981, 1 track "Mount Teide"!

Carl Palmer & His Band
Prepare To Embark
On Historic 32 City
2006 North American Tour

for details as of May 10th <click here>
Carl Palmer

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