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Atomic Rooster's
Steve Bolton

Steve Bolton of Atomic Rooster

Many thanks to Vili, Michael Green, Jan Horjus and Stuart Hamilton for additional information.

71: Manchester born Steve was recruited into Rooster for the new line-up of Rooster that was to record the 3rd Rooster LP, Made In England, released later in '72. Steve was playing a more "funky" fusion style of guitar in Rooster,Vincent taking the band along that musical road, away from the harder side of Rock. Steve's playing on the album is refined rather than raw and Steve contributed the songs Never To Lose and Breathless to the LP(He also appears on Devil's Answer: Live on the BBC released later in '98, and on the later release of In Satan's Name: The Definitive collection).
73: Leaves Atomic Rooster.
74/75: joins Headstone - appears on Headstone Bad Habits, Headstone Headstone.
20th Century, mainstream rock outfit with Mark Ashton from Rare Bird.
78:Joe O'Donnell band Gaodhal's Vision.
80:appears on BZaine Griff Ashes & Diamonds, Jimmy Hibbert Heavy Duty.
81:appears on Philip Rambow Jungle Law,
Richard Strange Phenomenal Rise of Richard Strange.
82:joins Vampire Bats
83:with Paul Young No Parlez
85:with Paul Young, Secret of Association.,
86:Matthew Sweet Inside.
88:joins Richard Strange and the Engine Room

{short description of image} 89:One of the twelve supporting musicians to the Who on their "Kids are Alright" 25th anniversary tour with Steve playing lead guitar due to Townshend's tinnitus problems.

A concert shown on TV of that tour has an all star cast for the live rendition of "Tommy" featuring Elton John, Billy Idol, Phil Collins as Uncle Ernie and others.
<see enlargement>
with thanks to Mike Healy.

90:with Paul Young, Other Voices.
96:Played rhythm guitar on "Broken China" by Rick Wright (Pink Floyd)
97:appears on Mary McLaughlin Daughter of Lir.

Steve has also worked with
Joe O'Donnell, Pino Palladino, Mark Pinder, Laurie Latham, Matt Irving, Mark Ashton, Bill Smith, Bad Habits, Graham Prekett, Carl Palmer, Dominic Miller, Tony Lukyn, Kim Lesley, Ian Kewley, Manu Katche, John Otway.

Steve 2000

Saturday, 3rd June 2000 Steve plays the Hope Festival and jams with rising young stars from Logo, Billy Hunt on guitar and Ricky Howard on drums. The three of them played a set which included Slight Return (the Bluetones), Peace Love And Understanding (Elvis Costello), Substitute (the Who), and because of the crowd's fantastic response, An encore of Squeeze Box (the Who).
Steve Bolton with Billy Hunt
Steve Bolton with Billy Hunt (aged 13?)

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