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Church of Gerbil of Canada

la la la

What's new?

We have just moved in... come back soon! Our Church is still slowly under construction, however, you can see what we have to offer so far:

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In the meantime, feel free to visit one of the following Sacred Links.

Sacred Links

Church of the Gerbil (Main Site) - our Holy Rome, as it were.

The Hamster Dance - allow our Hamster Brethren to entertain Thee.

The Tangelo Worship Centre - lovely site by the fair maiden Shoey, devoted to the Worship of the Holiest of Citrus Fruits, the Mighty Tangelo... peaceful supporter of the Church of Gerbil as well. - very very very very very very very very bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad evil nasty horrid site for spiritually-corrupt, misguided ill heathens. To be viewed only in the higher spiritual enlightened state of a true gerbilist; link provided here only to exemplify the need for Gerbilists everywhere to spread the Holy Word and correct the spiritual malady that infects some. And certainly, this site is not to be enjoyed or found humourous, no, not at all!

This site, all its contents, the lovely feelings you get when contemplating the Sacred Wisdom herein, the colours you dream in after converting, the kick-arse banner by Saint Carl, and the smell of Feta Cheese, are all Copyright 1999 by the Church of Gerbil of Canada. (Except for the images we ripped off- er, I mean, that were most graciously provided by the Church of Gerbil Main Site.) Link to us! Visit us! Send us large amounts of money! Just ask us first before using anything here, k?

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