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Church of Gerbil of Canada

A Note Aboot Beavers

Being Canadian, and being Rodent-Worshippers, you may be wondering why it is that we are Gerbilists instead of Beaver worshippers. The answer is simple.

The Church of Gerbil is The One True Faith. [TOTF]

That being said, however, we would like to add a few things aboot beavers.

Beavers, of the Family "Castoridae" in Linnaen taxonomical classification, are wonderful creatures. Beavers are rodents, which does put them in a higher light in the eyes of the Great Gerbil. Beavers are rather large rodents, however, much larger than the average Gerbil, more like the size of a (gasp!) bunny. However, We here at the Church of Gerbil of Canada assure you that Beavers are peaceful creatures, accepted by the Great Gerbil King, and, apart from size similarities, have absolutely nothing in common with Blasphemous Rabbits whatsoever.

Rest assured then, fellow Canuckian Beaver-enthusiasts, that your love and admiration and respect for this great being of our nation is not looked down upon in the eyes of Gerbilists and Gerbils themselves.

Perhaps, when the Holy Spirit of the Great Gerbil moves us, we shall add more here aboot our respect and admiration for the honourable Beaver.

[No sexual innuendo whatsoever in this page, and if you see otherwise, meditate to purify your mind, lest Dwarf Hamsters attack your genitalia!!]

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