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Church of Gerbil of Canada

Our Friends, Supporters, Paying Advertisers, People to Whom We Are Indebted, and Other Assorted Important Folk

First and Foremost, We would like to thank the endless list of Holy Deities of the Gerbilist Faith:

-Squeeky I
-Kyla (the Rat Messiah)
-Squeeky II (aka Baby)
-Button (Scary but still Holy Dwarf Hamster)
-Kate (veritable Goddess of Dwarf Hamsters)
-those other two Hamsters that Hunter Virgo had before Aero whose Holy Names are too Sacred to be uttered (ie. he forget 'em)

We would also like to thank our fellow Canadian friends:
Ray, Elizabeth, Pam, Kiera, Devin, Doug, Lindsay, Chris, Jennifer, Annette, all the others whom We have forgotten...

Other important folk:
Saint Kyle (American-transplated-to-Canada, eh?), Saint Carl (goodly graphics maker, provided us with the niftykeen Church of Gerbil of Canada banner, and if you even think of uisng it without prior legal permission, Dwarf Hamsters will kill you in your sleep), Saint Sarah (Sister of the Righteous Tangelo, Whore of Ducks, lover of all Scrummy Cheeses), others whom We shall name as soon as We remember...

The truly Enlightened Folks at Webcounter graciously provided Our counter, and the Holy Folk at Dreambook provided Our guestbook. The Gerbil approves!!!

And last but not least, the Sacred People at Angelfire - providing Space for Our Church without annoying pop-up windows, advertising banners, hidden frames, etc. [GeoCities is run by Bunnies!!]

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