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Church of Gerbil of Canada

Sacred Proverbs of Gerbilism

Your faith is wavering. You're having a bad day. You're oot of yer favourite breakfast cereal, "Captain Sparky's Krispy Sugar Blobs". You ask yourself, "Why? Why me? WHY? What's the meaning of it all????!!"

Fortunately, Gerbilism, as TOTF [The One True Faith], does have the answers to these and other questions. Whatever spiritual enlightenment, personal direction, or lucky lottery numbers you seek, the answers are here, somewhere, within the Sacred Proverbs of Gerbilism.

Read and enjoy. Have a nice day!!!

"Sunshine and lollipops, meadows and rain drops."

"A Gerbil in the hand, will complain if squeezed too tightly."

"There are two things in this universe that make life worth living. Sand. And I've forgotten the other one..."

"Never underestimate the spiritual force of a dill pickle."

More proverbs will be added as soon as We make 'em up- er, I mean, as soon as We translate the Ancient Sacred Texts of the Gerbil.

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