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Church of Gerbil of Canada
Aero the Prophet

Aero, the great and mightest of the hamster prophets had a destiny. From birth he was destined to lead hamsters and gerbils in their mighest quest; and on a balmy December morning, he awakened and realized what he must do in life. But he was held back by many things.

One of which was the evil and despised "Belmont", a ruffian who belonged to the same clan as the legendary and lamented Hunter Virgo. Belmont was convinced that Aero was a thorn in his evil schemes to breed rabbits and take over the fabled Melford Island; the location of which has been a closely guarded secret for many many gerbil-years.

He was held back for many years, until at last Belmont succeeded in his quest and killed the pure and chaised Aero. But before his death, he prophesized another would come; a greater one who would lead the hamsters in the revolt against the rabbits; a mighty war which would be waged on the shores of Melford Island.

And that day would be so; it already is approaching...


"And watch yourself; for the day draweth nigh when Belmont shall lead the rabbits in an effort to take away our safehaven of Melford Island; be careful and keep watch; for the day is sooner than ye think."

-Excert from what was communicated to Hunter Virgo in a series of dying squeeks

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