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The Church of
Gerbil of Canada

Test Thy Faith!!

Here you shall be given an online test which will determine your strength of faith within The One True Faith (TOTF), the Church of Gerbil.

This test is based on a format originally used by the Holiest of Saints, Hunter Virgo.

Said format has been blatantly ripped off by the Holiest of Charlat- er, Religious Leaders- Dave, and has been entirely coded by him. (As he is fond of saying, Dave only uses the ideas of those people whom He respects and admires. Hunter Virgo should feel pretty damn proud, eh?)

Scroll down now to take the test! Or hit "BACK" on your browser to return to the main page if you are too scared. WUSS!!! hehehehehehe


You enter your local convenience store after a sudden hunger attack. Digging around in your pockets, you find only $1.07 in change. Perusing the store, you find that this amount of money will only let you buy one of three types of snackage. Which do you choose?

(A) sunflower seeds
(B) a deep fried pickle
(C) twinkies

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