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Tenchi in College The Fanfic


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The Lair of Chapters

Welcome to the lair of chapters. Proceed, your destination awaits.
Please don't forget that I AM only human, and I do make mistakes. SO if you see any, let me know.

Here's a complete list of all the chapters!
1. No Need for a Stranger
2. No Need to Leave
3. No Need for New Friends
4. No Need for Scouts
5. No Need for a Meeting
6. No Need for a New Enemy
7. No Need for a Tournament
8. No Need to Train
9. No Need to Fight
10. No Need to Wish
11. No Need for Jurai
12. No Need for Kada
13. No Need for a New Baby
14. No Need for Christmas
15. No Need for Valentine's Day
16. No Need for Summer Vacation
17. No Need for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
18. No Need for Graduation

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