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Chapter 5: No Need for a Meeting

At school the next morning, everyone looked incredibly bored, save the geeks and nerds. When Mr. Fujisawa announced that they had an assessment test today, everyone groaned. When the test was over, and the bell rang, the students hurriedly gathered their supplies and filed out of the classroom.
When school was over, Tenchi strode up to Aya, who was searching her car for her gym bag.
"Hey," Tenchi said.
Aya looked up from under the back car seat. "Oh, hi Tenchi! What's up?"
"Just wanted to know if you wanted to go to the movies today."
"Oh, sorry Tenchi. I'm busy the whole day. Try another day?"
"Well, I can't tomorrow. I'm going over to Amagasaki's to work on a project. You can come too if ya want."
"Well, I probably canít. I have practice till 5:30, but after that Iím free till 8. Maybe then I can come over." Aya went to her school's gymnastic team's practice everyday after school, for six hours, and not on weekends, and on Sundays she usually worked all day, on Saturdayís she worked the night shift, from 4-9, and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, she worked 8 to 10. She worked as a waitress at a restaurant.
Aya thought for a moment. "But then I have my own Zoology report to work onÖ Saturday morning Iím free, how about we go to the beach?"
"Great!" She walked around to the back of her car and opened the trunk.
"There!" she exclaimed. She had finally found her bag, closed and locked the door, and threw her keys into her bag. "I better get going or I'll be late for practice! See ya Tenchi!" she said, and she ran to the gym.
Tenchi looked up at the sky. It looked as if it was about to rain. Quickly he found his way to his car and drove to his apartment.
Once home in the warmth, he plunked himself down on his couch, turned on the TV, and watched the news, then some soap opera. Eventually he remembered he had been told that the milkshakes at this one restaurant were really, and realized he did have a craving for one so he set off to the restaurant.

Meanwhile, back at the gym, Aya was practicing with her coach on the beam while other team members practiced their routines on the floor, bar, and vault, and some took rests.
"Aya, you've got to focus more on your balance when you're doing back handsprings. And look up when youíre doing your high kicks. And try to stick your landings after doing your double back-tuck off for your dismount. Jeeze, what is with you today, youíre usually so precise?"
"Sorry coach," Aya said after she fell off the beam on an anoedie. "Iím just a little distracted today."
"Donít worry, every athlete has their bad days. Now start over, and I want it a perfect ten-o."
She tried it one more time, this time almost perfect.
"Good," said the coach. "Since you've got it down, you can work on your bar routine. Then you can go home."
"Okay!" Aya did her bar routine a couple times and went into the locker room and changed into her normal clothes (before she had a leotard on). She grabbed her bag and went home.
She took a shower, and dressed in clean clothes. At about 6:00, she set off for Andrew's Restaurant.
When she got there she greeted Andrew and searched for Haruka, Setsuna, Seiya, Yaten, Taiki, and Michiru. She finally spotted them sitting at a table with several different girls she could not recognize. She strode over to them.
"Hey Aya," said Haruka. "Jeeze, youíre a lot later than we thought youíd be!"
"Well you know," Aya replied. "I had to shower, otherwise I wouldíve driven away the other girls."
"By the way, here are the others," Michiru said, directing towards several girls. "Go on, introduce each other." One young one, with pink hair and meatballs was Chibi-Chibi, one older that looked similar was Chibiusa, one about 18, with long blonde hair with meatballs, Usagi, one the same age with brown hair in a ponytail, Motoko, one with long blonde hair down loose to her waist, Minako, one with short blue hair, Ami, and one with long black hair, Rei.
"Well itís nice to meet you all," Aya said pleasantly.
"We never thought you guysíd come back," Usagi said to Michiru.
"You should've known we would be back," Michiru replied.
"Yeah but I didn't think you'd be back after so long. It's been 3 years."
"Well, we came for a specific reason," Setsuna said.
"Setsuna," said Chibiusa. "Why didn't you visit me before?"
"I was not allowed to, Small Lady. I have been punished for stopping time that year."
"So you guys want to meet us here so we could meet the new ones?" Usagi asked.
"Yep, exactly," Haruka said. "This, as you know, is Aya," She pointed to Aya. "She's Sailor Earth. And those boys over there are the Sailor Stars."
"Boys? Those boys are Sailor Scouts?"
"Yes. We're not sure how though. The one with the black hair is Seiya. He's the Sailor Star Fighter. The one with the brown hair is Taiki. He is the Sailor Star Healer. The one with the white hair is Yaten and he's the Sailor Star Maker."
"Hey wait a minute!" Aya exclaimed suddenly, making everyone in the restaurant turn to look at her. Ignoring the people, she continued: "Usagi, youíre in my Astronomy class!"
"Yeah," Usagi said. "Oh yeah! I remember!"
"Ironically enough," Aya said, sounding amazed. Then they all started to recognize each other as being in each other's classes. Though, some of them didn't go to TU because they were too, too old, didn't qualify, or just went ot different colleges, they all seemed to know each other from somewhere. Once everyone was recognized, they had long chats. They talked about lots of things, from school, to thir past, to their jobs, to their hobbies.
While they were talking about what kinds of things they like to do, Aya heard someone say, "Aya?". Thinking that it was one of her friends she turned around. But to her amazement she saw Tenchi. She didn't know Tenchi came to this restaurant.
"Hi Tenchi!" she said. "I didn't know you came to this restaurant."
"Yeah," he replied. "I didn't know you came here either. I just came to get a milkshake. Amagasaki said they served great ones here."
"I was just chatting with my friends here. Hey don't you guys want anything to eat anyway?" They all shook their heads.
"Well, I hope you donít mind, but Iím going to have to stuff my face in front of you, I havenít eaten since lunch. Do you guys think Tenchi can join us?" They all nodded, and Tenchi ordered his milkshake and sat down while Aya ordered her food. She ordered a meal of teriyaki chicken salad and rice balls, and ate it slowly, feeling it fill the empty hole in her stomach.
"So, Tenchi," Usagi said casually. "What kind of relation do have to Aya?" Tenchiís face turned bright red and he looked into the contents of his milkshake while stirring it with his straw.
"Just a friend," he peeped.
"Meatball Head!" said Rei, realizing she was flirting with Tenchi. "You can't flirt with him because you already have a boyfriend. Mamoru, remember?" Then she whispered, "Besides, I think he's Aya's boyfriend anyway."
"Not so! He said they were just friends!" Aya and Tenchi both continued to blush deep crimson as this arguing continued, avoiding all eyes by either looking at their food or at the lovely white ceiling and its bright lights.
They continued arguing until finally Tenchi finished his milkshake and threw away his cup.
"Um," he said, breaking the fight, causing them all to turn to him. He felt uneasy because of all the eyes boring down on him. "I think I want to go nowÖAya can I walk you home?"
"Sure. Let me just get my things and we can set off. It was nice to meet you, and Iíll see you later!" This abruptly ended the argument, only to start a new one.
"See, I told you," Rei said mockingly. "Nah uh!" Usagi replied.
Usagi and Rei argued long after they had left.
Aya and Tenchi talked all the way home, and the moment seemed magical. They discovered they were staying in the same apartment building, Tenchi one floor higher. They gave each other their phone numbers and said goodnight, each heading off for bed.

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