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Chapter 4: No Need for Scouts

After school Tenchi didn't see Aya. He figured she must have left already and was driving a car. He walked home and did his homework. Than he started to get ready for his date.
At 4:30 he took his van to the park. He parked it in the parking lot and walked to the place where they arranged to meet. Aya was not there.
Tenchi waited and waited and waited. After a while he began to fiddle with his watch. He looked at it. It was 4:45. He looked at it again. Still 4:45. He began to wonder if he should've come so early. Suddenly a monster flew down from the sky and attacked him. Tenchi flashed his sword. He tried to fight it but it was too agile.
Suddenly, he heard a "STOP!" from a teenage girl's voice. Seven girls appeared in the shadows, wearing miniskirts, high-heeled shoes, and bows, and as they jumped down, Tenchi saw they had tiaras too, and one had wings. Five looked as though they were about 18, one looked as if she where 13, and the other one, the youngest, looked as though she were about 6.
"Those who provide the energy you think is for you must keep it for themselves!" shouted a girl with 2 meatballs with pigtails coming out the bottom. "I'm Sailor Moon, and I fight for love and justice! In the name of the moon, we shall punish you!"
"We're the Sailor Scouts!" The others shouted. Tenchi hid his energy sword behind his back and turned it off.
Suddenly, the monster threw a fireball at the scouts. Over and over the fireballs were thrown at them, and sometimes barely missing them as the loud screeches of the Sailor Scouts were killing Tenchi's ears, not to mention the monster, which seemed to have overly sized ears.
Then, they heard someone say in a rather boyish voice, "Uranus World Shaking!" and an energy ball hit the monster, knocking it off its feet.
"Could it be?" Sailor Moon said, amazed.
"Go ahead Sailor Moon! Use your wand!" Said a more girlish person, with long curly blue hair.
"Right!" Sailor Moon took out a wand like thing and said, "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!" and a series of flashes and lights came. When the lights were gone, the monster was hurt badly, but not gone.
By this time Tenchi was hiding in a safe place, but was still able to watch what was happening.
"It didn't work!" yelled Sailor Moon.
"Let me try!" said another voice. "Earth Spiral World Slash!" and a spiral of lights and flashes showed. When they were gone, the monster was, too.
The person jumped down out of the shadows.
"Sailor Earth, you came!" Sailor Pluto said.
"Yeah, I came, though I was running late for something anyway," said the mysterious stranger. Only Sailor Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and the three other mysterious people knew who it was.
"Who are you?" Sailor Moon asked.
"I am Sailor Earth," said the mysterious stranger.
"And who are they?" Sailor Moon asked, pointing to three other strangers that just jumped out of the shadows.
"They are the Sailor Starlights. Sailor Star Healer, Star Maker, and Star Fighter."
"Well, I've gotta go. I'm going to be late for something." Sailor Earth said.
She walked away, and so did the rest. Tenchi stood there, confused. He had seen the whole scene.
He wondered what that was all about.
Finally, Aya came around the water fountain.
"Hi!" she said. "Sorry I'm late. I had some business to take care of."
"That's okay." Tenchi said.
"So let's get some ice cream."
They got some ice cream and sat down. As they ate they chatted about different things, like what they did in Okoyama when they lived there. Tenchi mentioned nothing about the women living in his house. Or Hiroki, or Ryo-ohki or space orÖsorry, Iím rambling!
"Well, I think it's pretty cool that you get to work in a shrine." Aya said.
"And I think it's cool that you have a barn with horses and a big garden at your house." Tenchi said. After a while the conversation was about their parents.
"My dad is an architect. Sometimes he can be somewhat perverted, though," Tenchi said. Aya giggled. "My mother died when I was young. What about your parents?"
"My parents live in the US," she replied. "But I chose to stay here in Japan for my education. I didnít think how well Iíd do in America without knowing any English. I'm sorry about your mom, though.Ē
"It's okay."
They finished off their ice cream and walked to the parking lot. Aya got a glimpse of Haruka behind a tree and she gave Aya a signal to see them after the date. Aya nodded.
They walked into the parking lot.
"I guess this is good bye," Aya said.
Tenchi walked to his car. "Yeah, I guess. See you at school tomorrow," he said, as he got in and drove away.
Aya watched him leave, checked her watch (it was 5:55), and walked toward the tree.
"Haruka?" Aya said.
"I'm here." Haruka said.
"What did you want?"
"We're gonna meet Sailor Moon without her Sailor uniform tomorrow at the arcade where Andrew works."
"Um...Okay, the rest too?"
"What time?"
"Um, Iíll have to be late because I end practice at 5:30."
"All right, but try not to be too late."

Tenchi laid back on his bed. He had gotten ready for bed a few minutes before, and now thought about things. Lots of things. He thought about his new friend Hiroki, and he wondered why he wanted to stay in Tenchiís house, and the others would deal with it. He also thought about the attack. What had happened? Was it something he should be worried about? These questions and others like them seemed to swirl in his head. He also thought about the date. He wondered how long his new relationship would last. He liked Aya a lot and she seemed to like him, too. Who would have thought that these two new friend's friendships with Tenchi would lead to lots of dangerous, yet interesting, adventures...