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Chapter 9: No Need to Fight

6 days later, everyone was rushing about in the morning. Everyone, that is, except Aya, Ryoko and Hiroki. Tenchi shook Ryoko and Hiroki until they were awake and then moved on to wake up Aya.
Aya giggled in her sleep. "Tenchi I love you," she said, as a small drop of drool dribbled at the top of her mouth. She was laying on her back, her head just inches away from the floor.
"Aya, wake up," Tenchi said quietly. She didn't awaken. "Aya," he said, this time a little louder. She didn't stir. "Aya will you wake up!" he said, much louder. Aya awoke, startled, as she yelled and fell headfirst to the floor. She hit her head.
"Ouch," she said, rubbing her head. "That hurt. And you didn't have to yell you know."
"Oh, you don't know how much I did," Tenchi said. He put his hand out to help her stand up. She grabbed it and he pulled her up. "Now go get ready it's almost time to leave." Everyone finished getting ready. It was now time to leave for the Cell Games.
Everyone was looking forward to seeing Goku and Gohan and all their friends. Everyone was also looking forward to seeing Cell get destroyed, too. They had trained intensely and were going to make sure the ugly green thing dies. They met Serena and the others, who had also trained, outside in front of Tenchi’s house. They set off on their journey to they Cell games.

One hour later, Aya snored lightly in the front seat of the van. She turned over and got more comfortable. Tenchi nudged her and she stirred.
“What?” she mumbled, turning back over to face Tenchi in the driver’s seat.
“We’re there Aya, wake up,” Tenchi said. Aya stretched out and got out of the car and took a look at the scenery. She saw Cell on his tournament ring and some other muscular men around it. In amongst the other muscular men, Aya saw Goku and Gohan. Hercules, a man that everyone saw constantly on TV showing off his great "power", stood on the opposite side of the ring from Goku, and a big, tall guy in green with red hair styled in a mow-hawk stood on a side of the ring.
As Serena and the others drove up, Goku and Gohan came over to greet them.
"Hi!" Aya said. "Well we're here, it took a while, but we're here. So when does it start?"
"Umm…" Goku said. "Probably in about 5 minutes." Aya yawned.
"Okay," she said. Everyone came up to greet them. Then Gohan and Goku led them all to the group of guys and introduced them.
"Guys," Goku said. "These are the teenagers I was telling you about. But there's no time for names right now because the tournaments about to start."
"Hey," a guy with spiky black hair and scars on his face said. "I know you." He pointed to Aya. She looked puzzled. "You're Aya Kushiba, that Olympic gymnast on the Tokyo University Team. I saw you on TV!"
"Oh!" Aya said. "Okay, nice meeting you, uh…"
"Yamcha," he said. "My name's Yamcha."
"Kakarot," a grumpy voice was heard from the back of the group. Everyone turned to see a short, big haired man. "Why did you bring such wimps to the tournament."
"Excuse me," Aya said, annoyed. "We are not wimps. For your information, we have fought several times before, shorty.” She turned to a short bald guy and said, "No offense to you." Ryoko snickered, noticing that Aya was a good six inches taller than the crabby guy, and a good one-foot taller than the bald guy, probably even more. But that remark seemed to tick the crabby guy off, and he looked like was powering up. "Woah, touchy," Aya said.
"After the tournament, you are a dead brat!" he said.
"Scary," Aya said sarcatically. He powered down, and moved farther away. It was time for the tournament, so Aya decided she'd bother him later. She thought it was fun to bug crabby people, like him and Ayeka. Ayeka wasn't really crabby, she just didn't like the fact that Aya was Tenchi's girlfriend. Therefore she didn't like Aya at all.
Suddenly, there was a booming voice from across the other side of the ring: "Hey you kids better get out of here, this could get ugly!" It was Hercules, or, also known as, Mr. Sataan.
"Guess who," Aya murmured to her friends. She rolled her eyes and turned to walk toward him. As she approached him, she said, "Well excuse me, us 'Kids' "-she quoted the word "kids" with her fingers-"will be participating in the tournament."
"But you can't fight, you're a girl!" he replied.
"Girls have every right to fight," she said coolly, as she grabbed his shirt in her fist and held him up in the air. She wanted to punch him, but thought she’d better not. She walked back to her friends and looked at Hercules. He had a very scared look on his face. Aya snorted.
Some champion, she thought to herself.
"Idiot," she murmured, low enough for no one to hear.
It was time for the tournament. Everyone worked out who was going to fight in what order. First it would be Hercules, then his two trainees, then Goku, Gohan, Tenchi, Aya, Hiroki, Ryoko, Trunks, and Vegeta. Apparently Vegeta didn't mind going last because he was going to be the one to win. Aya wanted to pick a fight with him so bad, but she hesitated, knowing she'd waste her energy. So she decided to wait till after the tournament.
Everyone watched as Cell easily knocked Hercules and his students out of the ring. When it was Goku’s turn, things got a lot more interesting. Even in the beginning, he proved the perfect competition for Cell. He had confused everyone, except the muscular guys and Gohan, by starting to glow. Gohan, with the help of his friends, who were now introduced as Krillen, Yamcha, Tien, Trunks, and Piccolo, tried to explain it to them. Aya, Ryoko, and Mihoshi, who still did not understand it even after a second time, had been told to wait until after the tournament to find out. By the time they had finished nagging, Goku and Cell were in combat. When they stopped, they were high in the air. Cell said something no one but Goku heard, and then there was a sudden yell by Goku: "Everyone move away from the ring! He's gonna blow it up!" There was a sudden rush of emergency as everyone moved away from the ring to hide behind rocks, and just as Usagi tripped, there was a cracking sound, which clearly meant that the ring was about to explode. Aya went back to help her fallen friend.
"Kneel down and cover your head and neck with your hands," Aya said to Usagi. "I hope this works." She powered up and made a shield just big enough to protect Usagi and her from the debree that was thrown at them from the explosion. It was only Aya's fourth time doing it, and it had only worked once. Luckily for them, it worked.
Once the explosion was over, Aya let the shield fade away. She had used up quite a bit of energy, so she was breathing hard.
"Are we alive?" Aya asked Usagi as she opened her eyes. She had closed her eyes, for fear that it wasn't going to work. "It worked? It worked! Wahoo!" Aya was jumping around for joy, despite the fact that she was quite tired.
"Allright!" Aya slapped Usagi five. Goku and Cell continued fighting, and the Z Team looked kind of amazed at Aya's ability.

One hour later, everyone was extremely bored except for the Z Team, who were watching the battle intensely. The fight had gotten quite boresome, except for a few times, like the time when Cell duplicated himself into quadruplets, And the time Cell fired a huge Kamehameha wave at Goku and he used the Instant Transmission to get away from it, and the time Goku tricked Cell by looking like he was going to fire a huge Kamahameha wave at the Earth and confused Cell but used the Instant Transmission to teleport to the ground and hit Cell with it. Aya picked up a stick and started doodling on the ground, before she realized she was hungry. She got up and selected a turkey sandwich in the car. (I don't really know if they have sandwiches in Japan, so I just put it in.)
As she sat chewing on a large chunk of sandwich, Goku and Cell stopped fighting. Cell was in the air while Goku was standing on the ground.
"I give up, Cell," Goku suddenly said. Aya choked on the piece of sandwich, Tenchi's jaw dropped, and Hiroki said, "What?!" Everyone stared at Goku. "You win Cell, I give up," he said again. Aya was still choking on her sandwich. She finally swallowed it.
"But I know someone who can win," Goku said. Tenchi stole a glance at the Z fighters. They looked just as confused as he and his friends were.
Goku walked over to them. Wondering who he was going to pick, the teens tried listening to what they said. They couldn't hear a word. Goku jumped up to the cliff where his friends were standing and approached Gohan. He put his hands on his shoulders and said something to Gohan. Then Gohan walked toward Cell. Piccolo started yelling at Goku, saying he was crazy and his son is going to be killed. Goku just stood there.
The gang was astonished. Aya looked like she was about to faint. Tenchi almost swallowed a fly. Hiroki, Ryoko and the rest were completely dumbfounded. Hiroki had sensed a strong power level from Gohan, but now, as he powered up, he sensed an even stronger level. He was completely shocked.
Gohan talked to Cell. He said not to make him angry, because his power was immense and it'll surely kill him. He explained that even when he was a little kid, he was extremely powerful when he was angry. One time, when he and his friends were battling a guy named Freeza, Freeza almost killed Krillen. That made Gohan very angry. He threw powerful energy balls at Freeza and stopped him in his tracks. He described other times, also.
But Cell had other plans. He wanted to se this "immense power". He was determined to get the power out of him. He created little Cells, Cell Juniors he called them, and sent them to attack the Z fighters and the gang. They all fought furiously, trying to get rid of the ugly little creatures. Yamcha and Tien and Goku seemed to be having trouble with them. But the others seemed to be doing fine. Aya, Ryoko, Hiroki, and Tenchi used energy balls and shields and fists and feet. Aya did not transform because there was a camera and she didn't want it to be broadcasted all over the world. So she remained normal. Sasami changed to Pretty Sammy and used her powers to fight them. Mihoshi reluctantly used her gun.
"Stay back!" she said. "Or-or I'll shoot! And it'll hurt!" The Cell Junior was indignant to stay back. It attacked her and she shrieked. She ran to Tenchi and hid behind him, so Tenchi was faced with two. She started to get angry and pointed the gun at it. She shot, and it squealed at the bullet and caught it. He opened his hand and let the crumbs drizzle down. Mihoshi watched them fall to the ground, and her eyes strayed back towards the Cell Junior. It cackled, and Mihoshi ran. She ran all over the place as fast as she could, the Cell Junior following her every step.
"Stop it!" she cried. She held her hand out behind her and shot out some icy crystals from her gloves. The Cell Junior froze, literally, and fell to the ground, still frozen. Mihoshi stopped running and looked back at it. She approached it cautiously and circled it, studying it. She sighed with relief when she saw that it was completely frozen over.
Gohan watched everything in dismay. He saw his father and some of his other friends getting beat up. He started to feel his rage build up. Suddenly the ground started shaking. Gohan was glowing even brighter than before. Everyone froze in their positions. Goku was on the floor getting kicked by a Cell Junior. Yamcha, also on the ground, was getting very beat up. Gohan all of a sudden gave a loud echoing battle cry and his Super Saiyin hair changed, it got more gold and stuck up more. He had gone Super Saiyin two. Everyone watched in amazement as Gohan teleported to all the Cell Juniors and killed them each one by one. This stunned everyone.
"Oh, yeah!" Aya said to Cell. "How do ya like that?!"
Gohan and Cell had a furious fight. Gohan eventually won power over Cell, had him in control. One time, Gohan punched Cell so hard in the stomach that Cell spit up a girl. This led to more questions from the gang, that the others had to answer or Aya would have kept nagging and Vegeta would have killed her. After Cell spit her up, he changed to an even uglier creature. Despite his father's persuasion to kill him them, Gohan continued toying with him. Soon, Cell expanded himself into a big, round ball. When he announced that he was going to explode in ten seconds and explode the planet, everyone started to panic. Then Goku went over to Cell. He put his index and middle fingers on his forehead. Gohan gasped as tears swelled up in his eyes.
"This is the only way, son," Goku said calmly. He had a small smile on his face. He waved to his son as he said "Good-bye, Gohan." He used his Instant Transmission to teleport to King Kai's planet, where Cell exploded, killing Goku, King Kai, Bubbles (King Kai's monkey), Gregory (King Kai's grasshopper), and himself.
Back on Earth, everyone was stunned. Gohan cried at the loss of his father. He pounded the ground saying it was all his fault. Aya went over to him to comfort him.
"It's not you fault Gohan," she said. "It was the only way to save the planet." She paused, hoping that cheered him up, but he still wept. "You know Gohan," she continued, still hoping she could make him happier. "I lost both of my parents when I was seventeen. And Tenchi lost his mother when he was like five. Ayeka and Sasami's parents are on a faraway planet. Mihoshi - erm – God only knows where her parents are." She stopped talking, catching Gohan's tear-shed, confused, "What's-Your-Point" look. "Look, my point is that most of us know what it's like to lose a loved one. Now, how about we go home and I'll make a milkshake or something." She helped him up and walked with him back to the group. Everyone tried to comfort Gohan, except Vegeta, of course. When Aya noticed that he hadn't done his share of comfort, she gave him a nasty "What's-Your-Problem?!" glare. Vegeta caught it and replied with a just as horrible "I-Don't-Give-A-Crap" glower. Aya was about ready to go over to him and smack him hard in the face, but resisted reluctantly.
Suddenly, Aya turned around and searched the area. The wind had blown a cloud of dust-or was it the wind? Something had bothered her. Unexpectedly, she saw a blue beam of energy come from out of the clouds toward her. She froze, she couldn't move. She couldn't even get her energy to make a shield. She didn't know why, but she figured she was so stunned and scared that she couldn't move. But what was she supposed to do? Just stand there and let herself get killed? She couldn't. She tried to move, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She closed her eyes and waited for the pain to surge through her body, but it didn't. Tenchi had jumped in front of her and just as she opened her eyes she saw the energy beam go right through Tenchi. She instantly closed her eyes again. She couldn't bear to see that. When she opened her eyes again, she saw Tenchi lying on the ground, and Cell emerging from the dust clouds, in his perfect form again. Finally, she could move her body. She kneeled down next to Tenchi.
"Tenchi," she said in a soft voice. "Oh, Tenchi, I'm so sorry!" Tears swelled up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks as she lifted Tenchi's head onto her lap.
"It's okay, Aya," Tenchi replied.
"Tenchi, please say you're going to be okay!" Aya's voice grew louder and more frantic. Tenchi was silent. "Tenchi!"
"Aya," Tenchi's voice was no more than a whisper. "We will meet again."
"No, no, Tenchi! You can't go!"
Tenchi looked at Aya, affection in his eyes. "Please, Aya. Help Grandpa take care of the shrine."
"Tenchi! You'll be there too!"
Tenchi wearily lifted his hand and grabbed hers. He held it as tight as he could. "Aya, please listen. Take care of Grandpa and Dad. Take care of yourself, and remember I love you." His grip loosened, until it actually let go and fell to the ground. Aya frantically called his name, desperate to awaken him. Finding no hope, she stood up and stared at Cell, her face wet with tears, yet outrageously furious.
"I loved him," she said to him, anger, disgust, and complete agitation in her harsh voice. "The only guy that ever told the truth. You killed him."
"What a pity," Cell said sarcastically. He laughed.
"For that, you will pay." She transformed to Eternal Sailor Earth, indignant of the camera, and very angry. She had gotten to the Eternal level while training alone. But right now, she felt stronger than eternal. She felt the power of Eternal love.
The Z Team watched in confusion as Aya started fighting Cell. Gohan, his face still tear streaked, gaped at the sight. Aya was in an anger mode, and she had Cell under her thumb. She was fighting with all her might. Her long staff was powerful and helped her get him in her wrath.
But then, things turned for the worst.
Aya was punching and kicking Cell, and somehow he had managed to get hold of her staff. They stopped fighting and floated in mid-air. Aya narrowed her eyes.
"Do you realize what I could do with this?" Cell asked in devious way. Not waiting for an answer, he said, "I could destroy it and destroy your power. I could torture and tease you with it." He laughed a horrible evil laugh, the same laugh he laughed when he killed Tenchi. It filled Aya's ears. She hated it.
Aya looked off to Tenchi's limp, lifeless body. She turned back, she couldn't look at it. She had to get revenge for his death.
She grabbed at the staff. Cell easily dodged it. He laughed. She grabbed again, he dodged it.
Suddenly Aya's power drained.
Cell had bent her staff and it cracked. Everyone could see the magic pour out. Aya's Sailor fuku started fading away, only the ribbons that created it remained. She started to scream, the loss of power was also a loss of energy, and kind of pain. She crossed her arms over her chest to block revealing anything.
Once the magic had all disappeared, Aya was back in the tank top and shorts she was wearing before. She collapsed on her hands and knees, breathing hard and sweating
Everyone was astonished. Vegeta was amazed, Tien and Yamcha were gaping at the site, and the others were just plain astounded, watching in wonder.
Now what? Aya thought. What am I supposed to do without my staff? I have no power left…unless…unless I can fix it…
Cell dropped the two halves. He started walking toward her, laughing that horrible laugh. Aya stood her ground, perspiration running down her face and neck. He got close enough to punch, but he just stood there. Aya was taken aback by a sudden swing of his fist and jumped up into the sky, flying high. But before she could get too high, he grabbed her ponytail. She screamed.
Cell held out his hand to her, his palm facing her. He was going to fire and energy attack at her, everyone knew instantly. He smiled evilly, taunting her as she stared angrily at him.
"Haven't you figured it out yet?" he asked. "I'm indestructible. No matter what you do I will always come back." He laughed again and yanked at her hair. She shrieked.
Aya wasn't exactly ready for that jerk, so she was pulled back into Cell's hand. Cell took advantage of that and sent a blinding energy attack at her. The light smothered her and she seemed to disappear into it. Once the light was gone, so was she, and everyone was overwhelmed with confusion. Was she gone? Everyone wondered.
Hiroki stood up, gaping. He didn't realize Cell was that strong, strong enough to kill Goku, Aya, and Tenchi. They were all really strong, probably some of the strongest. Ryoko was already standing, gawking at the site. She'd never thought Aya or Tenchi or Goku would die, especially not so easily. The others were just plain lost, except Vegeta, who just snorted as if to say, "Oh well."
But then, everyone's discouragment changed to hope. A sudden burst of energy came out of the sky and hit Cell in the back, knocking him over. Aya flew down and grabbed the two halves of her staff.
"Oceans, trees, grass, and flowers," she chanted. "Return to me my full power!" The halves began to glow, and the separation turned into a connection and the staff grew longer. A green and blue kimono covered Aya, and a silver crown appeared on her head. The glowing ceased, and she looked extra angry and extra powerful. But somehow, she didn’t look much like herself. Her eyes weren't like they were before, her emotions showed in them then. Now her eyes seemed emotionless and lifeless.
Slowly rising in the air, she spread her arms out wide and the staff shifted to her side, and a green and blue aura formed around her.
"Earth Energy Ball Explosion!" she cried, as a large energy ball formed in front of her body and surged toward Cell, weakening him deeply. Then her staff floated back in front of her and it began to glow as she grasped it. It glowed brighter, and seemed to be powering up.
She held it out in front of herself, and then above her head. She started twirling it as she yelled, "Crystal Earth Staff Elimination!" She stopped twirling it, and it was in a right-side up vertical position. A flash of light illuminated from the little green ball on top of a crystal ball on the top of her staff and she directed it to Cell. Cell couldn't dodge it, nor could he block it, so it just hit him. The light overwhelmed the area and for a moment nobody could see anything. Then it faded and Cell was gone. Aya hung in the air, still, her eyes purple shrouds, no usual gleam or emotion. Just plain purple. She still had the staff held high above her head, although Cell had completely disappeared. Suddenly, she collapsed into a coma, returning to her normal form and her Goddess Staff returning to the now mended Eternal Staff.

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