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Chapter 3: No Need for New Friends

Tenchi heard his alarm clock go off, this time early in the morning. He got up, got dressed, and grabbed his suitcase. He walked out of his room and down the stairs, only to find everyone waiting for him.
"We decided to get up early to say good-bye to you," Ryoko mumbled dozily. She was half asleep.
"Please let me visit you every day Tenchi!" Ayeka shouted.
"Well, not every day but maybe once every now and then," Tenchi replied, hoping she wouldn't come too often. "Washu don't make another time portal to my bed please!"
"Oh all right," Washu replied.
Tenchi bid his friends good-bye and drove off in his father's old van (which he inherited when he got his driver's license when he turned 18) to Tokyo. When he got there, he went to his apartment and unpacked. He thought about where he would be going tomorrow, to school, to college. Then he decided to explore Tokyo and see what there was to see. He passed by the school that he was going to and the park. He went into the park to take a walk. He saw lots of people his age and some children and adults. Most of the girls he noticed seemed to watch him walk by, but most of the boys just didn't seem to notice him, they were either too into their girlfriends or too into staring or flirting with girls. Tenchi sighed. He wished he had someone to love. He had 5 women living in his house at the time, but none of them he really loved. He walked out of the park and went home. It would be a long time before he'd have to go out again, so he just wanted to relax and watch TV for a while.

The next morning he put on his uniform and decided to walk to school since it was within walking distance. He saw lots of people who had no clue in the world who they were and he wanted to meet and make friends. One girl caught his eye even more than the others, an attractive, somewhat muscular, red headed girl with bun (also known as the meatball) at the top of her head with long hair coming out over the top making it a ponytail sort of thing. Her bangs were laid loosely on the sides of her head. It seemed to Tenchi that he had caught her eye too, because as she passed him she looked back. Her friends began to giggle.
Tenchi's gaze distracted him from looking where he was going and he crashed into someone. He immediately said sorry, and the guy he crashed into looked as if he were in pain, but not angry. Then Tenchi realized that it was the guy he saw at the shrine. "It's you!" he said.
"Umm, yeah," The guy said.
"I'm sorry."
"It's okay."
"Are you...are you a space pirate?"
"You know about space?"
"Yeah. I have a space pirate living in my house. And I have the-"
"What?! Who is it? Can you tell me?"
"Umm...yeah, I guess. Her name's Ryoko."
"Ryoko?! Where is she?"
"Back at the shrine."
"In the summer I'm going down there, so you can come, too."
"I have to go now!"
"But you can't go now! What about school?"
"Forget school!"
"Stay here! You can go after school!"
"Who are you to tell me what to do?"
"Well, it is my house..."
There was a long pause, which clearly meant Hiroki didn't know what to say. Then he said, "Fine."
"My name's Tenchi, what's yours?"
"I'm Hiroki. Who's your homeroom teacher?"
"Mr. Fujisawa."
"Cool! We're in the same homeroom class. Wanna walk together? I kinda don't know where to go."
Tenchi laughed. "Ditto. I hope we don't get lost..."
Tenchi told Hiroki why he had crashed into him. Hiroki didn't seemed to be laughing at him because he liked her, whoever she was. He said he couldn't really tell much about her.
"However," he said, "I can tell you what her name is. Her name is Aya. She's popular. Even if you've only been here for one day you can really get to know about stuff like that around here."
They talked about lots of different stuff until they reached the school. They then found their way by asking around and sat in their assigned seats and got ready for their homeroom class. Tenchi realized that Aya was in his homeroom class. When she walked in she was surrounded by lots of other people. She walked past Tenchi and looked at him as he looked at her and said "Hi." Tenchi blushed as he greeted her back.
At lunch, Tenchi met a guy named Amagasaki and some other new friends. Tenchi asked Amagasaki if whether he knew anything else about Aya.
"Um...let's see, she loves animals and cooking, she's a gymnast, she likes to help the earth, she loves beautiful landscapes and going to the beach, and that's pretty much all I know," he replied. "Oh, and something you may want to know, is that she's single. You should try her..."
Tenchi thought about going out with her, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to or not. As he thought, he didn't realize Aya walking into the room. She stopped to figure out where she wanted to sit. She looked at the desk where her friends sat, and looked at the desk where Tenchi was sitting.
Her friends grew loud in getting her attention until she finally stopped her gaze at Tenchi to turn to them and wink. Her friends were suddenly silent, as if it were a signal. She walked towards Tenchi's desk as Amagasaki whispered, "Here's your chance. Ask her out."
She reached Tenchi's desk and put her lunch down next to his, making Amagasaki move over. Sitting down, she said, "Hi! I'm Aya. Are you new around here? I've never seen you before."
"Yeah," Tenchi replied. "I came from Okoyama yesterday."
"Oh so that's where you came from. I came from Okoyama, too last summer. So what's your name?"
"Tenchi. Tenchi Masaki"
"I suppose you live at the Masaki Shrine, right?"
"Cool. I live close to there, only not so close. So, do you want to get some ice cream after school?"
At this point, Tenchi realized that everyone was listening, and blushed. Aya's friends seemed to have moved closer. Aya seemed to notice this too, because when she cleared her throat everyone seemed to go back to his or her own business.
After a pause, Tenchi said, "Sure, I'd love to go get ice cream."
"Great," Aya said. "Umm…5:00 okay? Today's my day off from the restaurant."
"It's fine." They compromised where in the park they would meet, and Tenchi said, "So I'll meet you in the park then."
"I guess so." Aya finished the rest of her lunch and threw her bag away. "Well, I've got to go get ready for my cooking class. Bye!"
"Bye!" Tenchi waved. Then, after she left, said, "Boy she really moves fast, doesn't she?" All the other boys sitting there at the moment agreed.
Tenchi was just about getting up to throw his lunch away when Hiroki grabbed his vest and pulled him back, saying, "Jeeze man, you move fast!" Everyone laughed and left to get ready for their next class.

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