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Chapter 2: No Need to Leave

Tenchi awoke kind of early in the morning to the sound of sizzling food and yelling people.
"Ryoko you stop that right now!" He heard Ayeka shout. "Come down here this minute!"
"Ahaha! You can't make me!" Ryoko shouted. She pulled an insulting face at Ayeka.
"Mealtime!" Sasami said in her usual cheerful way.
"Oh great! I'm starving," said Mihoshi.
Sasami knocked on Washu's door. "Washu," she said. "Mealtime!"
"All right I'm comin," was Washu's reply.
Tenchi walked out of his room.
"Oh Tenchi, good morning!" Sasami greeted him. "I'm glad you're awake, you're just in time for breakfast."
They sat down to eat, Ryo-ohki meowing at the end of the table, and Ayeka flung herself at Tenchi, saying, "Oh Tenchi! I'm so glad you're still here. I thought you left us early in the morning for Tokyo!"
"Why would I do a thing like that? Besides, you know I'm only leaving tomorrow." Tenchi replied. "And since I am leaving for Tokyo tomorrow I'm going to try to make the best of this day okay? I want everyone to be nice to each other, especially you two, Ryoko and Ayeka!"
"What? Why me?" Ryoko gave an upset frown and glared at Ayeka.
Tenchi ignored Ryoko's response and thought about what might happen while he was in Tokyo. What kinds of friends will he make? What will be his major? But his thoughts were interrupted by Ayeka: "What if you get a girlfriend Tenchi? I will definitely not allow it!"
"Ayeka stop that. It's bad enough I have to live with 5 girls. Do you think Iíd want another one?"
There was a long silence, and then it was interrupted my Mihoshi saying, "Hey, isn't it weird that I haven't seen Ryoko flirt with Tenchi lately? I think that's kind of strange don't you?"
Ryoko looked annoyed and said angrily, "Just to respond your stupid remark, Mihoshi, I have lost interest in Tenchi." She started to dream and stare into space as she said, "I know there's someone out there for me and I have a feeling that I'm going to meet him soon."
Tenchi looked at Ryoko astonishingly, he did not believe she actually said something like that. Ryoko snapped back to reality, and blushed as she realized that everyone was staring at her. She immediately began eating her food again, as if nothing had happened, even though she was still blushing.
The rest of breakfast was mostly silent except for a few outbursts from Mihoshi. Tenchi thought about the day's chores he'd have to do and the things he had to do to prepare for college in Tokyo. He had to pack up, and then he wanted to take some memory photos. He finished up his breakfast and got up. He went to his room to put his working clothes on.

Tenchi was sweeping the front of the shrine office. Every now and then a few people came by to worship the shrine, mostly old and grey and weak, of which he had to help up the stairs. After concluding his sweeping he had his martial arts lessons with his Grandfather, Yosho, also known as Katsuhito to others. It went rather well, but Yosho outwitted him a several times and he fell on his butt on a few, too. He went to eat lunch afterward.
He had a few rice balls and some fried vegetables for lunch, specially made for him by Sasami. He ate underneath a shady willow. Tenchi didnít realize Hiroki was sitting in the tree listening to Tenchiís conversation with himself.
"Man, am I exited about going to Tokyo University," he said to himself. "Iím so anxious to find out what awaits me there, who Iíll meet, what Iíll learn, where Iíll go, itíll be so exciting. But Iím going to miss everyone else so much. I donít know what Iíll do if I donít make friends. Washu will probably come up with some kind of way to get everyone over here without the use of the train." He laughed. "I wonder what job I can takeÖMaybe Iíll go with a shrine job like here. Or maybe, maybe something differentÖ" His words trailed off as he thought, finishing off his last rice ball.
"Well, better get back to work. I only have a little bit left to do, and then I have to pack. Phew, what a day!"
Once all his chores were completed, he set off to his room to pack his suitcase. Only once he got there, he couldnít find his suitcase. He looked everywhere, from inside his closet to the tiny space between his bed and the floor. Nowhere. Suddenly, it hit him. He left his room, looking very angry and went down the stairs.
"Ayeka!" he shouted when he entered the living room. "Where did you hide my suitcase?" Ayeka looked at him, looking quite innocent and offended. "Why would I do something like that? I canít believe you think I would do such a thing." She looked at him pityingly. Tenchi just tapped his foot impatiently.
"Ayeka, if you donít tell me where you put it Iíll never talk to you againÖ"
Ayeka was instantly apologetic. "Iím sorry, Tenchi, very sorry. I hid it under my dresser." She seemed on the verge of tears, and Tenchi was almost expecting her to grovel at his feet. He was surprised that she didnít. He walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder.
"Itís okay, Ayeka," he said warmly. "I know you donít want me to go, but I have to, if I ever want to get a decent job." He smiled down at her, and went to retrieve his suitcase. As he packed, the rest of the day sped by, and soon the light outside was completely dissipated. Dinner was soon called.
Tenchiís leaving was the main discussion of that nightís dinner. I went by fairly quickly because he was explaining to everyone how his schedule would work. Afterwards, he helped Sasami clean up and gathered everyone in the living room.
"I wanted to take a picture of everyone so I could hang it up in my apartment," he said, clutching a camera in has hand. As everyone clustered together, Tenchi positioned the camera. "Smile everyone!í he said, and then the bright flash came. Immediately the smiles faded and the group dispersed to their sleeping quarters. After hearing several good nights Tenchi found himself standing in the living room all alone, grasping his camera. Remembering all theyíd been through together, he felt as if he could cry. But he maintained himself, and stepped steadily up to his room.
As he lay down on his bed, he thought about all the things that could happen in Tokyo. All the possibilitiesÖThere were innumerable amounts. He couldn't wait to get there and meet some new friends, yet he was reluctant to go because he knew he'd miss everybody here at the Masaki Shrine...

Hiroki had devised the perfect plan. While he was spying on Tenchi talking to himself while doing chores, he found that Tenchi was going to Tokyo University. Perfect. He was to wait for Tenchi to come to Tokyo. Then he would go to Tenchiís house in Okoyama-ken while Tenchi was out, and win Ryoko over. Then he would get help from his dear mother Washu to build him a spaceship so they would be married and live somewhere deep in space. Tenchi would never know until he returned. It would work perfectly. Of course, it probably would have worked even if Tenchi WAS there, but it was more fun to do it secretly, and he probably wouldnít have to fight Tenchi, either, if he would have when Tenchi was there. He smiled slyly to himself as he sat in a tree, near sleep, near the Masaki shrine.

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