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Chapter 8: No Need to Train

Aya blocked a punch from Ryoko. She swung a powerful one and hit Ryoko in the arm. They continued their battle in the back yard of the Masaki house. Aya was in her Sailor outfit, and Ryoko was in her battle mode. Tenchi and Hiroki were in combat too. Ayeka practiced protecting herself with her Jurai power from the powerful blasts that missed and the exploding bullets from Mihoshi's reluctant gunshots. Mihoshi decided not to participate, because she was such a baby. Sasami, now being old enough, decided she wanted to help with her Pretty Sammy powers. She couldn't train now, because she was making lunch.
It was 3 days later. They were all fighting and training so they could fight Cell.
"Lunch is ready!" Sasami yelled. Everyone froze in their positions, and looked at Sasami, who ran back inside. Then there was a raging stampede, all of them raced to the door at once to eat lunch.
After they ate lunch, everyone rested. Aya decided to go shopping, for the fun of searching all across the country for an open store. Because of Cell, everyone was retreating. None knows where to, but heck, they're just running because it gives them comfort for some strange reason. It was easier now though, since Ryoko and Hiroki somehow taught her pitifully demented brain how to fly. But just in case, Ryoko came with her, so she didn't fall out of the sky while flying.

Aya flew into another, from what it looked like, deserted town, with Ryoko not far behind.
"This is fun," she said. "But ridiculous, it's the 6th town we've been to. There isn't a place that Cell won't explode anyway, if he does win."
Just then, she saw a boy about the age of Sasami, 11, with blonde spiky hair.
"Hey!" she said. He turned to look at her. "You know where I can find an open store?" She ran toward him.
"You mean you're not afraid of Cell?" he said.
Aya shook her head. "Nope. Never seen anything quite as ugly, but still, someone's gotta stay in case the world survives.." She shrugged.
"You've seen him?"
"Not in real life, only on TV."
"Oh." "My name's Aya, and that's Ryoko. What's your name?"
Suddenly, they heard a couple of guys and an old man yelling.
"Yes! An open store!" Aya walked in it, and saw two men begging and old man for supplies.
"C'mon Old Timer! We need those supplies for the shelter!" a tall skinny guy said.
"No!" the old man said. "That shelter is a bad idea."
"Okay, maybe you need a little convincing," a short somewhat fat man said. He attempted to knock down 4 jars on a low shelf, but Aya stopped him.
"No, maybe you need a little convincing," she picked him up and went to the door. When she was outside, she dropped him and kicked him in the butt. Then she went inside and brushed her hands off.
"Who's next?" she looked at the tall guy.
"No way!" the tall guy said. He ran out.
"Well, that takes care of them," she said.
"Jeeze, Aya," Ryoko said. "That was kinda harsh."
"Well they deserved it," she said. She looked at the old man. "What kind of stuff do you have here?"
"We have probably everything you need," he said.
"Cool! I'll have some cooked seaweed, fish, soy sauce, rice, wasabi, sake."
"LOTS of sake," Ryoko said.
"Ryoko!" Aya said. "We don't need you getting drunk on the day of the tournament. Jebus. Anyway, I think that’s it. Oh! I'll also need some noodles, and some of every vegetable except carrots cuz back at home we have a carrot field. And, umm…we'll need some rice balls, and milk and eggs. How about some water and juice, don't know why juice, Tenchi asked for it, yogurt, um pudding, and that’s about it."
"Are you and Ryoko gonna be able to carry all that?" Gohan asked.
"Uh…No." Gohan laughed at Aya's response.
"I'll help."
"Are you sure? It's an awful long way back home."
"Well, that's okay. Umm…how did you get here?"
"Uh…" Aya looked at Ryoko. Ryoko shrugged. "I'll tell you later. Get your stuff and we'll go to your house first."
Gohan got his stuff and they paid and they headed off for Gohan's house, flying (Aya and Ryoko soon discovered Gohan was no normal person either), with everyone's arms full of groceries, mostly Aya's, because Gohan had a small bag. When they got there, Gohan went into his house to give his mother the groceries he had bought. He came out with a tall blond guy with spiky hair just like Gohan's and a shorter woman with tied up black hair at his side.
"This is my dad," he said, pointing to the guy.
"Hiya! My name's Goku," his dad said.
"I'm Ryoko, and this is Aya," Ryoko said waving. Aya tried to wave but her arms were too full of groceries and she dropped them. She laughed sheepishly while Ryoko sighed. They all began to gather the groceries. Then Gohan introduced his mother Chi-Chi. Goku ended up helping too, since there were so many groceries.
Eventually, after about 2 hours they returned back to the Masaki Shrine. They all entered the house and dropped the stuff off in the kitchen. Then Aya and Ryoko brought Goku and Gohan into the TV room to introduce them to the others.
"Goku, Gohan, this is my boyfriend Hiroki," Ryoko said. "Hiroki this is Goku and Gohan."
Aya proceeded to introduce Tenchi to Goku and Gohan, and then they introduced the others, too.
"Boy, you girls just pick up guys where ever you go," Noboyuki said. Everyone laughed. "So do you guys wanna stay for some tea or something?" Tenchi asked.
"Umm…" Gohan looked at his dad. Goku nodded. "Sure."
Sasami went into the kitchen to make some tea while the others chatted. Eventually, the conversation led to fighting.
"So, you guys fight too, huh?" Goku said.
"Yeah," Hiroki said.
"When was the last time you guys fought someone?" Gohan asked.
"Probably about a month ago, and it was pretty fierce too," Aya said. "We all tried, but Hiroki was the one who won."
"Stop giving me all the credit," Hiroki said. "You guys helped out too. Aya, with her Sailor Scout powers, Tenchi and Ayeka with their Jurai powers, Ryoko with her powers, it wouldn't have been so easy if it weren't for your help."
Just then Sasami entered with a tray of cups of green tea.
"Help yourselves," she said, sitting down. Everyone grabbed a cup and took a sip.
"This is really good," Gohan said.
"Everything Sasami makes is good," Aya said. "She's a really good cook, even if she is only eleven."
Gohan looked at Sasami. There was a sudden lock between their eyes, and Aya, Hiroki, and Ryoko seemed to notice it. There was an awkward silence between the five, and it was broken by Aya, who said, "Well, we better get training. If you want, you can train with us." Goku and Gohan looked at each other.
"We'll have to call Chi-Chi first," Goku said. "She's probably wondering why we haven't come home yet." Tenchi showed them the phone and left them to talk privately.
"Hello?" Chi-Chi said.
"Hey Chi-Chi it's Goku," Goku said.
"Umm…we stayed to have some tea. Which reminds me, we want to stay here and train."
"Well you can stay but I need Gohan to come home and study."
"But Chi-Chi-"
"Hold on." He covered the receiver with his hand as Sasami walked by. "She wants you to go home and study," he said to Gohan.
"But, I don't wanna," Gohan replied. "I want to train."
"You can study with me, Gohan," Sasami said. "I need a study buddy anyway, it's boring without one." She smiled. Gohan looked at his dad.
"Ask her if I can dad," he said. Goku nodded and asked Chi-Chi over the phone. He sat and waited while Chi-Chi debated whether or not to let Gohan stay and study with Sasami. After a while he finally said, "Okay." and hung up the phone.
"So what did she say?" Gohan said. He and Sasami looked at Goku hopefully.
"She said yes," Goku said. Gohan and Sasami cheered. They went upstairs to study. Goku went into the living room where everyone else was waiting.
"Well," he said. "Gohan was supposed to go home and study, but luckily Chi-Chi said that he could stay here and study with Sasami."
"Cool," Aya said. “So exactly how powerful are you?”
“I’m not one to brag, but I can get to Super Saiyin 2.” Everyone stared blankly.
“What’s that mean?”
“It means he has powers that words cannot describe,” Washu broke in, emerging from her broom closet lab.
"Well, if he's so powerful," Aya said. "than let us give it a try.” They went outside for the beginning battles. “Earth Crystal Power!" She transformed to Super Sailor Earth and got into a fighting stance. Goku did likewise. They raged into battle. Aya was good, but not good enough.
“Too slow!’ said Goku, slamming a punch into her leg, which she tried to block. She tumbled backward and landed hard on the ground.
“Fine then,” she mumbled, forming an energy ball in her hands. Without hesitation, she threw it at Goku, who had formed his own. Hers pierced right through Goku’s, but his just went right back together and slammed on her hard, knocking her onto the ground. "Damn," she said. "Where did you learn to make energy balls like that?"
“Umm…just something I picked up,” Goku replied. Ayeka was laughing her butt off.
“I told knew you weren’t going to win!” she said still laughing.
"Oh, and I suppose you did better?" Aya replied. Ayeka paused. Then they started arguing uncontrollably. Tenchi stopped them.
“Calm down you guys!” he said. “This isn’t a time to argue.”

Sasami and Gohan where studying in Sasami's room.
They had found it quite hard to write notes when there were energy balls hitting the ground and shaking the earth. They had broken about 5 pencil tips already.
"This is ridiculous," Sasami said. "There's like no possible way to get any studying done around here." She put her pencil down and went to sit at the window. Gohan followed. She looked at Aya on the ground.
"Looks like Aya got beat up," she said. "I guess it'll be while before we can study without breaking a pencil. Want to go down and watch?"
"Yeah, okay," Gohan agreed. They went down stairs and outside to watch the argument, and the battles afterward.
“I’m not talking to you Ayeka!” Aya said, turning around and crossing her arms so that she had her back to Ayeka.
“Good, I don’t want to talk to you!” Ayeka shouted, also turning around. They turned their heads to stick out their tongues, then turned them back again.
“Boy, you guys are worse than me and Rei,” a familiar voice said. Aya turned to see if it was who she thought it was. It was.
“Usagi!” she shouted. ”You made it! Did the others come too?”
“Where are they?”
“Ami, Chibiusa, and Chibi-Chibi are here. They’re still in the car looking for something Chibiusa lost. Mamoru too.” Hiroki shuddered.
“I hate that guy!” he said. Aya gave him a look that meant “Zip it.” “What? I do!” Hiroki said.
Usagi continued, ignoring Hiroki's rude remark. "Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Seiya, and Yaten had to get gas, and Taiki, Mokato, Minako, and Rei are getting rooms at the hotel." Tenchi let out a sigh of relief. He was thinking that the 14 other people were staying at his house, but was relieved that they were staying at a hotel. There was little space already, what with Aya and Hiroki staying there, too.
"Oh, okay." Aya said. "I'm going to go say hi to the others." She walked to Mamoru's car where Mamoru, Chibi-Chibi, Chibiusa, and Ami where searching for a lost earring back while the others introduced Usagi to Goku and Gohan. Eventually, Aya found the long lost earring back, and the others arrived to train. Aya introduced them to Goku and Gohan.
"Our friends are fighters, too," Gohan said. "I'm pretty sure they'd like to meet you."
"Yeah," Goku said. "Most of them will be at the Cell games. But we better go right now before Chi-Chi gets really mad." He shuddered at the thought. It appeared that he was more afraid of Chi-Chi than he was of Cell. Goku and Gohan waved goodbye and Goku used Instant Transmission to go home, leaving some startled teenagers behind.
Aya turned to Hiroki and Tenchi and said, "Did you know he could do that?" They shook their heads.

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