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Chapter 10: No Need to Wish

Aya's eyes fluttered open after almost an hour of being unconscious. Once she realized where she was, she sat up almost as fast as lightening.
"Where's Cell?" she questioned, scanning the area for any ugly green guys. Cell was nowhere to be seen.
"He's gone Aya," Yamcha said, sounding rather impressed. "You killed him."
"I did WHAT?!" she shouted. "Holy crap, someone pinch me I must be dreaming. Hey…where's Vegeta?"
"He ran off after he saw you killed Cell," Hiroki said.
"He probably got chicken. I was supposed to be a 'Dead Brat'," Aya said. " are going to do now? And what about Tenchi and Goku?"
"We need to go to a place called Kami's lookout to make some wishes on the Eternal Dragon," Yamcha said. “We can wish them back.” Aya nodded, and they set off for Kami's lookout.

Kami's lookout was a strange place, perched on what seemed to be a needle-thin pole. It looked like it was going to topple over in any second.
As it turned out, Kami's lookout was not owned by Kami, it was owned by Dende. This, too, should've been explained, but to everyone's relief, neither Aya nor Ryoko cared. Aya stood at the edge of Kami's (or was it was it Dende's?) lookout, gazing over the Earth.
"Eternal Dragon!" Gohan shouted. Aya didn't budge. "I summon you to grant my wishes!" The sky turned dark and lightening flashed in the sky. The dragon appeared in a flash of light and everyone could see that it was huge.
Gohan was worried. The sky was dark and there was lightening in it, and the Eternal Dragon was so large, it was all over the place. Aya just seemed out of this world. How anyone couldn't notice it was a wonder. Hiroki noticed too, and waved a hand in front of Aya's face. She blinked and shook her head, then returned to her own world again. Hiroki shrugged and went back to the group to see what they were wishing for.
Aya stood frozen on the edge. She remembered all the good times she and Tenchi had. She remembered the first day they met, their first date, their first kiss, the time he had sneaked a quick kiss to her in Language Arts, just to prove to Amagasaki how much they loved each other, the time they site on the beach and watched the sunset, the time she and Tenchi attempted to study, but Tenchi had to make Aya understand more, and the time they had to baby-sit Aya's sister's boyfriend's younger sister.
"Eternal Dragon, we wish to bring back all the people that Cell killed!" Gohan shouted. There was a pause as the Eternal Dragon's eye's shone a bright red. They stopped glowing and all was silent. Then it said, "Your wish has been granted."
Suddenly, Tenchi appeared. He waited a moment, and Aya turned around and hugged him.
"I missed you," she said. "I thought you were gone forever." She hugged him harder.
The Eternal Dragon cleared its throat. "I am waiting to grant your second wish," he said.
"What should we wish for now?" Gohan asked. Aya and Tenchi returned to the group.
"Here's an idea," Yamcha said. "Maybe we can wish for the Namekian Dragonballs to come back so we can wish Goku back!"
"Yeah!" Everyone said.
"Wait a minute," said a voice. It sounded much like Goku's. "Don't I get a say in this?"
"Dad?" Gohan said. "Is that you?"
"Sure is Gohan."
"Where are you?"
"Up on Snake Way. I'm talking with King Kai's telekinesis. Listen, I don't want you to waste a wish on me. I think I want to stay up here for a while. I hear Heaven's a blast! Besides, most of the villains we battled wanted to kill me or something."
"But dad-"
"No buts Gohan. Promise me you'll take care of Chi-Chi."
"Bye Gohan. Bye guys. I'll see you-some other day." After that it was quiet, no one made a sound.
"So," Tien said. "Now what'll we wish for?"
Krillen looked down at the ground.
"Well," he said. "If you guys can't think of anything else to wish for, maybe we could wish to get rid of all the gears in Android 18…"
"Okay, I need another explanation," Aya exclaimed. "Who's Android 18?"
"Android 18 is the girl who came out of Cell when Gohan punched him," Yamcha said.
"Why the hell did she come out of him?"
"Well," Gohan said. "To make a long story short, a couple months ago, Cell was very, very weak. He looked different, too. He was created to absorb two androids, 17 and 18 to make himself stronger. So he did. And when I punched him, the force of the punch was enough to make him spit her out."
"Interesting. So that's why he changed after she came out?" The others nodded. "Cool! Man, I wish Veggie were here, I need someone to annoy. Hey Ayeka…" She began to pester and annoy Ayeka.
"Um, Aya…"Tenchi said. "Maybe we should get going. There's probably school-" Aya gasped.
"Don't mention that word!" she said crouching down and covering her ears. Tenchi arched his eyebrows.
"Anyway, we have studying to do, so we better go. See you all!" He grabbed Aya's wrist and took off for Aya's apartment to study.
"He cares too much about his education," Hiroki said shaking his head. The others laughed.

Meanwhile, down on the ground, people were celebrating 'Hercules' victory.' Aya and Tenchi passed over the parade, and they stopped.
"Let me take care of some business first," Aya said. She landed down on the ground in front of Hercules' convertible he was sitting in, stopping the whole parade.
Oh crap! Hercules thought. She's going to kill me for taking credit for killing Cell…
Aya went over to the side of his car and grabbed his shirt, pulling him up over her head.
"I would kill you for being such an ass," she said calmly. Hercules looked quite afraid. "But I'm so nice, I'll let you go this time." She twisted her face into a mad, scary face. "Next time you won't be so lucky. I’ll be back, just watch yourself." She let go and dropped him onto the seat, and he rubbed his butt. She jumped up and resumed flying with Tenchi.

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