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My Fan Fic's!

D.G: Well here are my fan fics.... they aren't finished jet but they will be soon.

Xellos: Thatís something new, you finishing a fan fic.

D.G: Shut up Xellos. no one asked you.

Xellos: No, I donít feel like it. ^_^

D.G: *Shakes with frustration*

Xellos: Whatís wrong? You donít look so good. ^_^

D.G: Sorry people I have to go and beat up a weary annoying #%§#Ē#&.

Xellos:  What are you going to do D.G? Something kinky? ^__^  




Figure In The Dark!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Slayers J!

1: New beginnings!

2: Destination and reunions!

3: Decisions!

4: Attaces and... good-byes? NEW!!


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