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Part 3: Decisions! 


Trim and Lisa Inverse are walking in a forest not fare away from Atlas City.

“Trim can’t we go and visit Va.. I mean Fillia? We haven’t been there in weeks.” Trim sweatdroppes and looked at his sister and was about to say something when she started to talk again. “It’s getting dark soon and we don’t have enough money to stay at an inn, so why don’t we pay her a visit?” Trim facevolted but got up quickly.

“Who is it that spent all of our money at food and magic gems? It wasn’t me.” Lisa looked like she wasn’t listening. “HELLO ANYBODY HOME?” Trim yelled at her.

“I heard you, take it easy. Do you have any other suggestion?” Trim was quiet fore a long while and then started to walk towards Atlas City again. Lisa followed him and she had a satisfied smile on her face.


Zan and Val was sitting in the kitchen and were drinking coffee and talked about what had happened over the last couple of months.

“So your dad let you go. What did your mother say?” Zan got a stern look on her face.

“I don’t know and I don’t really care. The only thing she wants with me is to take her place at the thrown when I... get marred.” She shuddered at the thought. Val looked concerned and was about to say something when there was a knock on the door.

“Who can it be... this time?” He added and stood up and walked to open the door. Zan followed a little behind.

“Hi Val, It’s been a while.” Lisa stood at the door and was smiling really mush. Trim stood behind her and looked like he wanted to die.

“Hi Lisa, Trim... what are you two doing here?” He made a motioned fore them to come in and Lisa didn’t hesitate fore a moment. But she froze in her tracks when she saw Zan.

“What are SHE doing here?” She pointed at Zan, Trim looked up and saw Zan to. Val walked over to Zan and stood beside her.

“This is one of my oldest friends, but I heard that you have already met.” Lisa just nodded and looked like she was going to explode.

“Well why don’t we go into the kitchen...” He didn’t need finish before Lisa was in kitchen and sited at the table. Everyone ells sweatdropped and walked after her.

After a couple of minutes Lisa was stuffing her face and the others were drinking coffee.

“So Trim, why are you here anyway? Did your mother get angry or something?”

“Something like that. And we were wondering if we could spend the night here? Lisa has spent all our money on magic gems and food.” Lisa glared at her brother but continued to eat.

“Sure I’ll just go and tell Fillia. I’ll be right back.” He left the kitchen and there was an acquired silence.

“So Zan were do you come from?” Trim asked and looked at her with curious eyes. Zan just looked at him with an expression he couldn’t read.

“I’m from Seruun if you really want to know.”

“I was just trying to make conversation. Why did you leave then? I herd Seruun is a grate place.”

“I got bored.” She had shifted her gaze to the staircase. ‘Val get down here and save me from tees questions.’ She thought to herself.

“Can you get bored in Seruun? I can’t really believe that.” Zan rolled her eyes and looked at him.

“If you have lived there all your life it gets boring.” Val came downstairs with Fillia in tow.

“Hi Lisa and Trim. How are you two? And how are Lina and Gourry? I haven’t heard from them fore a while.”

“Everything is fine. Is it ok if we spend he night here?” Trim asked.

“Sure it is. If I said no Lina would probably Fire Ball me into Seruun.” Trim sweatdropped, but he knew she was right. “I’ll be going to bed now but you people stay up and get to know etch other.” She went upstairs and left the others in the kitchen.

“Do anyone wan to play cards?” Lisa asked when she knew Fillia was gone.   After a little while they all nodded. No one could come up with anything ells to do. They all walked into the living room and sat down on the floor. “So what are we going to play?” Lisa asked after a little while.

“What about poker?” Came voice from the fare end of the room. Zan got up and phased over to the source of the voice. The others stood up to but stood still.

“Hi Xellos. It’s been a while.” Zan said and Xellos just smiled.

“Yes it’s been quite a while. So weren’t you gong to play cards?”

“Yes we were. Care to join us?”

“Of course.”

Val already sat on the floor. Trim and Lisa were standing up and Lisa was holding a Fire Ball amid at Xellos.

“Lisa you can drop the Fire Ball we are just going to play cards.” Xellos said and sat down beside Val and Zan.

“I really don’t like you Xellos and you know it.” Lisa said through clenched teats. Trim sat down but he didn’t stop glaring at Xellos. Lisa made the Fire Ball disappear but she followed her brothers example and sat down.

“You two are starting to act like Fillia. But that’s make it so much fun.”

“Weren’t we going to play cards?” Val asked and looked at the others.

“Yes we were. Deal the cards Val.” Zan said.

“What are we playing then?”

“Poker what ells?”


The five of them stayed up almost all night playing. Xellos won most the time and got hit by a couple of Fire Balls that Lisa so kindly shared. The most amazing thing was that Fillia didn’t wake up but that was lucky for Xellos.


The next morning they all were weary tired, well except Xellos who weren’t even there. But Zan had already eaten and were out training with her sword when the others woke up.

‘It was fun yesterday. I didn’t think that I was going to se Xellos so soon.’

She came to a halt when he saw who had just phased in front of her.

“Xellos what are you doing? You are really crazy you know that?”

“Well I just wanted to see how you were doing. And I didn’t have anything to worry about, you can’t hurt me with that sword.” He smiled as always and Zan smiled back.

“I’m doing fine. But I don’t know where I’m heading next.” Xellos looked like he was thinking hard. And after a short while he had his ordinary smile.

“I know, why don’t you come and visit my place. I think you can find what your father is looking for.” Zan looked a little suspicious.

“You mean to Wolves Pack Island? And I don’t even know what my father is looking for.” She was silent fore a moment. “What is he looking fore?” Xellos smiled even wider.

“You mean you don’t know? He is looking fore his cure. He’s been looking fore it fore as long as I have known him.”

“Why hasn’t he found it if it exist on your Island?”

“Weary simple. I haven’t told him. And if I did he would probably not believe me.” Zan looked puzzled. But soon had her ordinary expression.

“Ok I’ll come with you. But not today.” She started heading towards the door but turned around just before she was about to enter. “I can go with you at the end f the week. Is that ok with you?”

“It’s perfectly fine Zan. See you at the end of the week then.” Xellos phased out and Zan walked inside.


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