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Part 2: Destination and reunions!

Zanne Graywords are sitting in a room at an small Inn. She’s been on the road fore a week and are only a few days walk from Atlas City.

‘Well daddy was right about the name thing. I have actually been treated like a normal person. Well as normal they treat a Chimera. But I can’t complain.’ She thought.

She walked downstairs and went to an empty table and sat down. After a while there came to figures trough the door.

"I can’t believe you just did that Lisa. How can you just blow up that Inn just because they didn’t have your favorite ice cream." The girl just frowned and stopped walking. The girl had short blond hair and wore a black and red sorceress outfit. "You shouldn’t say anything. You are not much better." She almost jelled at the guy that had made the statement. He had longer red hair and wore a gray swordsman outfit. He looked weary irritated and sighed. "I don’t blow things up like you do. Man you starting to get just like mom."

"Yha, so what’s your point?" the girl asked in a hiss. The guy stiffened and waves his hands nervously.

"Nothing I just... well I..." He didn’t get the chance to finish because the girl had a Fire Ball ready to fire and it did. It fired up he whole Inn. Zan was able to cast a shield over her and the other in the dinning room, plus the guy that was about to be barbecued. She was also able to teleport all of them outside. There was a line building so that the townspeople could put out the fire. But Zan wasn’t able to help because she had passed out of teleporting so many people.

"Is she waking up?"

"I think so. Lisa go and get some food fore her."

"Why must I do that?"

"Because you are the one who caused this." She walked of and Zan was almost fully awake.

"What happened?" She mumbled and sat up.

"My sister blew up an Inn and you sawed everyone. How were you able to do that anyway? Are you a Mazukou ore something?" Zan gave him an irritated look. "No. But I don’t see how’s that any of your concern. Did any one get hurt?"

"Nothing really bad, but it’s not your fault."

"Did I say it was?" She rose from the bed and walked over to the guy. "Why did that girl try to blow you up?" The guy gave her a sheepish smile.

"She dos that all the time. She is my twin sister." Zan looked a little stunned.

"But you two doesn’t look anything alike." The guy looked even more sheepish.

"I know, but we resembles our parents pretty mush. Oh by the way my name is Trim Gabrive Inverse..." The door burst open and Lisa entered with tray of food.

"You happy now Trim? I got the food like you told me to."

"...and that is y sister Lisa." Lisa put down the tray on the desk ad looked at Zan.

"Are you a Mazouku? You don’t look like one, but what are you then?" Zan sweatdropped.

"I’m not a Mazouku. I’m a Chimera if you must know. And I have to be on my way. Well thanks for the help Trim." She took her cape and her sword and phased out.

"Um, Trim where did she go?" Trim just sighed and started to eat the food that Lisa brought.

Outside the Inn Zan stood and wondered where she had heard those names before. "I can think of that later. Now I got to get going I really don’t want to stay here any longer. I’ll think I’ll fly the rest of the way to Atlas City." She cast a Ray Wing and by nightfall she was only a days walk from Atlas City.

The next day passed rather quickly. She flew half the day and then she was right outside the City Gates. Now came the really boring part of the travel, to get passed the guards without being stuck there for hours. Atlas City was rather famous fore there guards, the could talk fore hours to people the find a little different from others. She could always teleport in to the City but she had used up most of her strength for the flying, so she had to walk in. But she wasn’t weary lucky, the guards found her interesting and she was stuck at the gate for almost 3 hours. She didn’t say mush but the gourds didn’t seem to care. When she finally retched Filia’s shop she was really tired. The shop was closed for the night so she had to knock.

"I’m coming." She heard a male voice call from inside. A tall green haired boy opened the door. "Hey Zan, come in." Zan entered and looked around and then turned to the boy.

"Hey Val. I know that I wasn’t supposed to come until tomorrow but I had a change of plans and I got here a day early. I hope you don’t mind."

"I don’t mind at all. Filia isn’t here today she had some business to take care of. So what was the change of plans?" Zan slumped down in one of the over stuffed chairs. "You wouldn’t believe me if I told you." Val sat down in a chair next to her and looked at her. "Try me." Zan smiled, she always smiled when she was near her father, Val or Xellos. She shifted a little d then told Val what happened with the Inn and that she met Trim and Lisa Gabrive Inverse.

"So you met them already? An it seems like you didn’t get a good start with Lisa."

"You know them? The world is small."

"Don’t you know that they are the children of Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabrive?"

"Oh I thought the name was familiar. But I have never meet them in real life, maybe when I was weary little but I can’t remember it." She smiled at him. "But now I don’t have to think of that anymore. So what have you been up to lately? I haven’t seen you ore Xellos for half a year."

"Well I haven’t seen Xellos in half a year ether. Filia won’t let me." Al made a rather funny look and Zan smiled even more.

"Do you always do as she says? Aren’t you old enough to make your own decisions?"

"Yes I am but it’s only that I’m..." He was cut of by the door opening and Filia’s voice.

"Hi Val, I’m home I know it took a while longer then I planed but..." She stopped talking when she saw Zan. "Zanne, your already here. We didn’t expect you to arrive so soon." Zan stood and Filia walked over to her.

"I’m sorry if I’m cosign you trouble by coming early. It wasn’t really planed but I ran into Trim and Lisa Inverse, and well I wanted to get out of that town as soon as possible." She gave Filia a small smile.

Filia just nodded.

"I can understand that. Well you must be tired I’ll go and prepare your room and Val can make you a cup of tee."

"Tank you." Filia walked of to the stairs and was gone within seconds. Val was walking towards the kitchen and Zan followed.

"Wow you shore got a well kept kitchen Val... and weary many different sorts of tee." She added when Val opened one of the covers. Val sweatdropped.

"Well Filia likes tee... allot."

"I can see that. What about you?"

"Me? I’ll rather drink coffee, but I learned to drink tee, even if I hate it." Zan sat down at the kitchen table.

"Well lets have coffee then. I rather drink that to." Val turned around and looked relived. And Zan tried not to smile to mush.

Some were ells there was someone watching them trough a mirror. Then the image phased out

"Zanne Graywords, soon you’ll be my servant..."