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Part 2

Well Chiana had stopped screaming. But that was because her lips was... well not free at the moment. Chiana was becoming aware about what was going on when she heard Lina’s voice. She pushed herself up on her arms and looked down on a weary blushing Zel. She got panicked and threw herself of him and gave him a punch on the head. “Owwww. Damn that hurts.” She sat down on the bed and shook her hand. Zel managed to sit up on the floor and he was still blushing. Lina saw everything and was out of words. There was an awkward silence until Zel managed to say something. “What are you doing in my room?” Chiana just stared at him. She was just about to ask him the same when she came to think of that she had newer got a room when she went to the Inn. “I..I have no idea. I can’t remember how I got here.”

“You don’t remember? What do you remember then?” Lina asked from the door opening. Chiana turned her head and looked at her. Lina mowed closer and so did Gourry. Chiana didn’t have her cloak on so they could see her face and her slender but curved body. “Well the last thing I remember is entering the Inn and then... everything is just a blur.” Chiana looked weary confused. “I hate when this happens.” Gourry was the one to speak now. “You mean that you ended up in some one ells room before?” Chiana sweat-dropped and just stared at him. “No, I mean that I can’t remember. It has happen to me ones before.” She was looking out the he window and Zel could see a tear run down her cheek. He rose from the floor and walked over to Lina and Gourry. He began talking to them but Chiana couldn’t hear them. “How could she end up in my room and not remember how she got here? I think this is a little to weird.” “Your not alone Zel. But she said something about this happened some other time. I think we should ask her about it.” Zel nodded and so did Gourry. Well Gourry didn’t get much about what was happening but he just didn’t want to get hit by Lina. Chiana was looking for her cloak and her swords when she heard that they stopped talking. She turned and looked at them. “I will go as soon as I find my cloak and my swords ok.” She started looking again. “What happened that other time you couldn’t remember?” Lina asked. Chiana froze in her tracks. She turned around and faced them. “That’s non-of your business. Why are you so interested about it?” Chiana started looking again. “If I only could find my stuff I could be out of this room and away from these people.” She thought. “Well we just want to know.” Lina was beginning to get annoyed with Chiana. “There they are.” Chiana picked up her stuff that laid behind the couch. She quickly put on her cloak and strapped on her swords. She was beginning to walk to the door but she soon figured out that she wouldn’t be able to go trough there without answering their questions. She sighed and sat down on the bed. “What do you want me to say? I can’t remember anything. If I could, do you think I would go around looking for my stuff for example? And fore that other time I can’t remember a thing. I think I been wondering around for 5 years or so, looking for my past. But I can’t find anything.” Lina was shocked. She didn’t expect this. “I’m sorry. We just wanted to know why you were sleeping in Zel’s room.” Chiana managed to smile a little. “I can’t blame you. I would probably do the same thing.” She rose from the bed and started walking towards the door again. She stopped in front of Zel. “I’m sorry about this. I hope you can forgive me.” Zel just nodded.

“If it wasn’t fore those eyes I would swear that she was Amelia.” She started to walk again but Lina stopped her. “What are you going to do now?” Chiana just looked at her. “Well, I’m leaving town tomorrow. But I don’t know where I’m heading.” “Well if you don’t know were you are heading you can come with us.” Chiana looked at them. And then she smiled. “Ok, it’s sounds like a grate idea. Well I got to go downstairs and rent a room... and get something to eat. I’m really hungry and I can’t remember when I last eat.”  Lina grinned. “Well then I’ll join you. The chicken here is great.”


They went downstairs and got a table. They stayed up half night talking. Well actually it was Lina who did the most talking. Chiana told Lina about the stuff she had done. Well not everything. They had a pretty good time anyway. When Chiana got to her room she thought about the day. She was pretty satisfied with it. “Well that thing that happened to me earlier today was only a good thing. But I hate not being able to remember things.” But she didn‘t think about that anymore. She took of her cloak and boots and then she went to bed.


The next morning Chiana woke up rather late. She hurried to freshen up and gather her few belongings. When she stepped out into the hall the first thing she saw was Zel. She was still feeling a little embarrassed about yesterday. But she was going to be traveling with him fore a while so she decided to clear the air. So she walked up behind him and started talking.

“Hey Zel. I’m really sorry about yesterday. No hard feelings or so?” Zel didn’t notice when Chiana left her room so he got a little startled. “No, sure. No hard feelings.” “Are Lina and Gourry downstairs?”

“I think so. They are probably eating.” “Well shall we join them?” She gave him a smile, a thing she didn’t do weary often.

“I can’t believe how mush she looks like Amelia. Why am I thinking that anyway?” Chiana was waving her had in front of Zel’s face. “Hello, the real world calling Zel.” Zel didn’t realize that he was staring until he saw Chiana’s hand. “Sorry. Lets go.”


When they came down to the dining room Lina and Gourry was in the middle of eating. The dices were already piling up. “How can only 2 people eat so much food?” Chiana wondered out loud. “They have only started.” Chiana looked at him. “You can’t be serious? On the other hand maybe you can.” She changed her mind when she saw his face. “He is serious. But why was he blushing before when we was upstairs?” She wondered to herself.

After breakfast they was walking out of Atlas City when they saw a horde of people following them. “What’s wrong with them? I haven’t blown anything up in this town, so why are they following us?” Chiana glanced back and saw a waitress in the lead. “Wait a minute. I think I remember her from yesterday. Oh no, Lina I think we should hurry up.” “Why is that?” Chiana looked at her and just shook her head. “Well I’m not staying to get caught. Catch up to me in the next town ok?” Lina just nodded. “Good, see you later then.” Chiana cast a Ray Wing and then she was on her way. The horde of people just rushed by Lina and the others. “What was that all about?” Lina wondered out loud. “We can ask her later when we get to the next town.” Lina nodded to Zel and started walking again. “Hey Miss Inverse! Wait up!” Lina turned around and saw a boy waiving a letter. “You got a letter that arrived today.” Lina looked at the boy, then at the letter. “Thank you.” Lina took the letter and gave the boy a silver coin. “Thank you Miss.” The boy ran of and Lina was studding the letter. “Who is it from Lina?” Gourry asked. “Well let’s find out shall we.” She opened the letter and got a bright smile on her face. “Hey it’s from Amelia.”


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