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Part 1: New beginnings!

A girl sits on a bed and is writing in a little notebook. There is a knock on the door.

"What?" She yells but doesn’t move an inch, she just continues to write.

"The queen want’s to speak to you princess." The girl sighs loudly.

"Tell here I’ll bee there in a minute." She listens fore the servant to leave and then walks out on the balcony and jumps over the rail. When she lands there is two footprints left on the ground when she walks away towards the front door. "Good morning princess. The usual way to the throne room I see." One of the guards greets her. "Yes, like all the other days. I really can’t understand why she keeps on like this. I guess I have to go see her or she will give me a lecture on justice again." The guard just nods. "Marel, do you know where my father is?"

"He is in the royal library princess." She gives Marel a nod and then sighs. "Off to the daily speech."

She walks slowly towards the throne room with a bored look on her face. When she enters the room her mom sits on the throne and is talking to one of her ministers. Then she seas her doughtier and dismisses her minister.

"Zanne, why do you always stall to get here in the mornings? You are going to be queen some day and I want you to be prepared. You are going to be just to the people and..."

"What if I don’t want to bee queen? What if I don’t want to learn all about justice? And besides there isn’t justice everywhere." Zanne cut in. "Can’t you see that I want to do other stuff then just to sit around in a castle the rest of y life? I don’t want to be a justice freak." She turned round and left her mother in chock.

" I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her." She chanted that when she was walking towards the library and was still chanting it when she walked in.

"Who do you hate?" Her father asked as he sat behind a large desk full of books.

"Guess one time. Mom are at it again. She just can’t leave me alone. I hate her fore it, she wants me to be like her. All fore justice and love and stuff like that. How have you been able to stand her all these years?" Her father looked up at her. She had light blue almost white rock skin but she didn’t got the pebbles as her father. Silky violet hair and blue eyes.

"To tell you the truth, I didn’t in the beginning. When I was traveling with her and Lina and the others. She really got o my nerves but it grows on one." Zan levitated up to a bookshelf and made herself comfy.

"I can’t stand her justice speeches though. What did she say this time?" Zan frowned. "She started babbling about me being queen someday. I want to do other things then just be in this castle. You can understand that right?" He nodded. "Then why don’t you leave fore while then?" She looked down at him, a puzzled look n her face. "What?"

"I said why don’t you leave fore a while then? You can always visit Lina or Filia, if you stay away from Xellos." Zan’s face lit up.

"You mean that I can go?"

"Sure. Your mom was out on the road when she was younger then you. But before you go we are going to go through your magic and word skills."

"Sure, you are the boss. When can I go?"

"At the end of the week. But don’t say anything to your mother."

"You are the greatest dad." She jumped down from the bookshelf and gave her dad a hug.

"Hey dad, what are you doing anyway? You are always reading books and making these weird notes." She pointed at a pile of paper when she said it. "Nothing you should concern yourself about. You go and do some magic training." Zan nodded and walked out of the library. "Nothing fore you to worry about..."

Lather that afternoon Zel went down to the training area. He stood and watched his doughtier sparred with one of the guards fore a while. She was using a training sword and was maneuvering everything well.

"Watch yourself Marel, I could have sliced you in half there."

"I can’t believe that a girl just beaten me in a sword fight. You have practiced." Zan gave him an evil smile. "Of course I have. Is there much ells to do in this stupid castle?" Marlen laughed a little. Well until he saw Zel standing just a few feet away. "If you excuse me princess I have to get back to my post." Zan nodded and the guard left.

"Hi dad. What’s up?"

"I just wanted to see how your training is going."

"Fine. I don’t have much ells to do here in the castle." She was playing with the sword but put it away after a while.

"Well lets see what you can do then." Zel unsheltered his sword and Zan took out her ordinary sword.

"Ok lest go." She gave her dad an evil smile and charged. Zel easily stepped to the side and was ready to charge on he own when he found a sword pointing at his throat. "Daddy you are getting slow. You should train more."

"Well I see that you can handle it so fare but what if I... DIM WING!" Zan didn’t expect the spell so she flew backwards a couple of feet but then teleported behind Zel and held the sword to his throat. "I can handle it." Zel turned around and looked at her with an irritated look on his face.

"You spend to much time with Xellos when you are even not supposed to. I have told you a thousand times to stay away from that Mazukou." Zan sheltered her sword and looked like she was thinking of a good answer.

"Well I know that, but I haven’t seen him in half a year. But you got to admit that I have hide the teleporte ability weary well." Zel didn’t answer. He knew that she had got the ability fore half a year but he didn’t say anything.

"Show me some of your spell casting." Zan looked at him a little puzzled but did as she was told.

Up on a balcony queen Amelia was looking on. She had always knew that her doughtier was more found of her father. But she didn’t let it get t her. She had tried to interest her doughtier in justice ad such things, but it didn’t work weary well. ‘What am I suppose to do? I know I can’t force her into be just as me. Maybe Zel’s right that she needs some time on the road.’

"Queen Amelia. There are some things we need to discuss." The minister said from the doors. Amelia nodded and went inside.

Next week Zanne Greywords was on her way to Atlas City. She had been walking sins dawn and it was almost noon. She was thinking about what her father told her that same morning.


"If you like to live as normal as possible on the road use only Graywords when you are presenting yourself. And don’t worry about your mother she already knows that you are going."

"Thank you dad fore being so understanding. I’ll write when I get to Atlas City."

"One more thing." Zel took his sword and handed it to Zan. "You got more use fore it then I do." Zan took the sword and fastened it at her belt then hugged him.

"I’ll miss you dad." Then she teleported out of the castle and walked out of town.