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Part 1

A lonely figure walked down the dark streets of Atlas City. The figure bore a long black cloak and the hood cowered its face. There was a pear of twin swords strapped over the shoulders. The figure walked faster. There was someone following, and now the thing or person was catching up.


“Is that thing newer going to give up? This is really starting to get on my nerves.” The figure stopped walking. And turned around.

“Ok, show yourself! I don’t have time for this any longer!” There was no reply. The street’s was empty and quiet. “Com’on already, I know you are back there!” Now there was something mowing around, and came around the corner and it was not a pretty site. The figure took a step back. “Damn, I wasn’t prepared for this.” It was a Mazuko, well it was a lesser Mazuko but still...

Then suddenly the Mazuko charged. The figure got the swords out just in time. Well not quite, the Mazuko came whit to mush power and the figure fell to the ground and the sword’s flue to the other side. “Shit! Damn Mazuko. You are really asking four it, FIRE...BALL!”


Not fare from the battle there was 3 other figures. One short redhead dressed in a sorceress outfit, a tall blond swordsman and a sorcerer dressed all in beige. With a hood up and a mask covering the lower half of his face. “Hey, Lina. What is all that noise about?” The swordsman pointed in the direction of the blast. “How should I know Gourry? I really don’t care. I just want to get to an Inn and go to sleep.”

“It sounded like a Fireball. We should cheek it out.” The redhead glared at her friend. “WE don’t have to do anything Zel. It’s not our problem. You can do as you wish, I going to go to an Inn.” After she said that there was another blast, bigger this time. Lina looked at the ally where the blast had come from. “Ok we can go and see what’s going on. I don’t want to wake up in the morning and find out that the town is all burned down. Lets go!” Zelgadis just shook his head, and followed his friends down the road in a half-run. When they retched the ally they saw a badly beaten figure and a weary ugly Mazuko. The person who was fighting the monster was holding it’s shoulder and was bleeding badly from it. Then the person was hit again, this time the person didn’t stand up. Lina and the other was preparing to attack when the person threw the 2 swords at the monster and then cast a Ra Tilt and then the Mazuko was gone. The 2 swords fell to the ground whit a cling. “How did he managed to do that in shuts short time?” Lina asked out loud. “Lina I think he needs help.” Gourry said and got Lina’s attention. He was right. The person really needed som help. The person was trying to stand up but was shaking badly. They rushed forward and Zel was the one to catch the person who suddenly fell. The hood still covered the face but the cloak was spread out and the tunic was torn apart at some places. And Gourry made an observation and just blurred it out as always. “Lina I don’t think that’s a guy.” He said and pointed at the person’s chest. “Good observation Gourry, didn’t you think I noticed?”

“Well...” Gourry started but Lina cut him off. “Don’t bother to answer. Just get the swords.” Gourry just nodded and went to get the swords.

“Well let’s take a look at this mystic girl.” Lina said and moved to pull back the hood. But was suprised when the girl suddenly moved and grabbed her hand. “Don’t you dare.” Lina tried to pull her hand back but the girl held it in a firm grip. “Hey blue boy, you can put me down now.” Zel just then realized that he was still holding the girl, and rather clumsy put her down. “Thank you. Do you know were my swords are redhead?” Lina stared at the girl and gave her an angry glare. “Gourry are getting them fore you. Can you let go of my hand now?” the girl eyed her and let go of Lina’s hand. “Call your friend over here.” “Do you think you can give me orders? You got to be joking.” “I’m deadly serious. If you don’t call him here I will.” Lina didn’t say anything. “Ok then. Hey you Gourry. Come here will you?” Gourry turned around from the wall he was studying and walked over to the others. “What?” “Gourry do you got my swords?” Gourry nodded and handed her the swords. “Thank you. Now I’ll be going.” She started walking and when she past Zel he grabbed her hood and pulled it down. “Hey what do you think you are doing? Would you like it if I pulled your hood down?” Everyone was staring at her. She took a step back and pulled her hood back up. “What are you staring at?” Zel was the first one to recover.




“Excuse me? What did you call me?” Lina and the others just stared. “Amelia. What ells should we call you? Hey when did you get the swords, and what happened to you face?” Lina asked. The girl just stared at her, when suddenly she grabbed her shoulder in pain. “Amelia are you all right?” Gourry asked. The girl stood up straight and mumbled a spell under her breath. Her hand started glowing with a silvery glow and soon her wound was healed. “I’m not the one you call Amelia. And for the other questions, it’s non-of your business.” “But if you aren’t Amelia.... who are you?” Zel ask when she was beginning to walk away again. She turned around and faced him. “Well I’m not the one you think I am. But if you so badly want to know, my name is Chiana.” She looked him in the eyes and he almost took a step away from her. But now he knew she was telling the truth. It was her eyes that told him, they were really dark-red. Almost as dark as black. And her face was scarred. “If you excuse me I’ll be going now. And this time don’t try to stop me.” She turned away from Zel and started walking. Lina tried to get her attention, but this time she didn’t care. When she came around the corner she cast a Ray Wing to get away fast from them. “What a weird bunch of people. Damn that Mazuko hit me hard.” She held her shoulder in pain. She wasn’t able to heal it fully. When she was several blocks away she landed and looked up the nearest Inn and went inside.


“What a weird girl. But I must say that I really thought that was Amelia. They look exactly the same.” Lina said. Zel shook his head. “No Lina. They don’t look exactly the same. Didn’t you notice her eyes?” Lina just stared at him. “No. What was it with her eyes?” “Amelia have blue eyes, Chiana have read almost black eyes. And her face is scarred.” Lina looked at him and grinned. “Well, you were weary observant. I didn’t notice any of that.” A blush crept across Zel’s face and he looked away from Lina. “Well thats not a suprice. You don’t notice anything that isn’t food ore treasure.” Now Lina got really mad and hit Zel in the head. The only thing she hurt was herself. “Well that was stupid. You know that my skin is stone, you can’t hurt me.” Lina was hopping around and shaking her hand franticly. “OWOWOWOWOWOWWOW. That hurts.” Gourry just looked at them and didn’t get a thing. But that was nothing new. Zel just surged and began walking. “Hey, were are you going?” “I’m going to an Inn. Are you guys coming or what?” Lina shook her hand one more time and then followed her blue friend. “Hey Gourry, are you coming to?” Gourry nodded and follow them. The thing they missed was the wanted poster on the wall behind them. It was of a girl that wore a black hood and had dark-red eyes.


Chiana went to the nearest table and sat down. She kept her hood up because she didn’t want any people to recognize her. And part because she was ashamed to show her face. “What would you like?” A young waitress asked. Chiana got a little startled but recovered quickly. “Today’s special and some water.” The waitress wrote quickly on her pad. “Anything ells?” “No, that’s fine.” The waitress gave her a nod and went to take some other orders. She settled back in the chair and took out a peace of paper. “Why must things like this happen to me?” She was looking at one of the posters. They were allover the city. “I’m leaving this town tomorrow. I can’t stay here any longer.” “And why is that?” Chiana quickly put the poster in her pocket, and turned to face the voice. “That’s non-of your business.” The stranger looked at her, well sort-of. His eyes were closed. “Maybe it isn’t. Dos it have anything to do with that you are on wanted posters allover the city?” “Keep it down or I will really hurt you.” Chiana hissed. “If you like, we can go som-were ells to talk.” He took hold of her wounded shoulder and then they both phased out. Seconds later the waitress came up to the table China had been siting at. “Hey were did she go? Why must things like this happen to me? And at my first day at work.”



“AAAAAAAAAAAAA.... Damn you. Were the hell are we? And why did you bring me here?” The stranger let go of her shoulder and she took a quick step from him and grabbed her shoulder. They were standing in a forest. But there were no sounds. Everything was quiet. She looked around but the stranger was gone. “Hey were did you go? Come back brought me here so why are you hiding?” She went quiet and listened fore the strange man. She stood absolutely still. There was something moving up in the trees and she reacted within half a second and throwed a couple of daggers at the object. She heard a cracking sound and then a ritching. She saw the branch falling to the ground but not the strange man. She felt a shiver run down her back and she stepped to the side and pulled out one of her swords. “You are just playing whit me, I know it.” She was pointing her sword at his throat. He was standing beside her. “Maybe I am. Tell me Amelia were have you been all this time?” She pressed the tip of her sword against his throat. “Why dos people keep on calling me that? My name isn’t Amelia, it’s Chiana.” When she saw that he was smiling even more she took a step away from him. “You are even weirder then those other people. Anyway why did you bring me here and who are you?” He just stood there and looked at her. “What are you looking at? I’m not your friend Amelia.” “Well how could I make such a mistake? My name is Xellos Metallium. You must excuse me now, I have to go but don’t worry you will nor remember any of this.” He walked up inn-front of her and pulled down her hood. “Hey what are you doing... I can’t move.” He brought his hand up and touched her forehead. And then she was asleep. She began falling to the ground but Xellos catch her. “How could I have been so wrong?” They phased back to the Inn, but not to the dining room. Instead they phased in to an empty room. Xellos laid Chiana on the bed and then phased out. Several hours later there was someone unlocking the door. But Chiana didn’t notice, she was still sleeping. The one who entered didn’t have any light so the figure only walked over to the bed and laid down. The figure didn’t notice Chiana because of the dark. Chiana was beginning to wakeup a little but didn’t notice the person that laid beside her. Well that was until she felt a hand on hers. She moved her hand a little and when she noticed it was really there she sat up straight. The other person did the same. She was feeling a little scared. She cast a small light spell. She was just inches from some ones face and she panicked and started screaming. She pushed the person and he fell over the edge of the bed. She also fell and landed on the person she tried to get away from. There were people outside the door now and it flew open. “What happened we heard someone scream. Zelgadis... Chiana? What are you doing?” ___________________________________________________________________________

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