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Part 3

Chiana landed just outside the next town. The sun was already setting. “I guess they won’t be here until tomorrow. And they probably want an explanation.” She sighed and walked into town. She looked around fore posters but she couldn’t see any. “Maybe they haven’t heard jet?” She walked to the nearest inn and rented a room.


Next morning Chiana was up at dawn. She had decided to meet up with Lina and the others. She had begun to remember more about 2 days ago. Not much, but glimpses. She didn’t know why but she actually felt safe with Lina, Gourry and Zel.

About an hour after she left town she thought she saw them. She walked like normal until she was shore it was them, then she waved at them. Lina and Gourry waved back, Zel didn’t seem to notice.

“Hi Chiana. You got in quite a hurry yesterday. You got an explanation?” Chiana was a little supriced that Lina was so forward. But she couldn’t blame her. “Well let me put it this way, when I was searching before I didn’t stay on the side of the law. And now I got a price on my head. I think that waitress recognized me.” Lina didn’t look that supriced. “Ok. So is the food any good in Nerri?” Chiana sweat-dropped. “Is that all? Ok, I really don’t understand these people. But I think I can live with it.” She thought to herself. “Sure it’s fine. When did those people give up?”

“About an hour after you took of.” Chiana grinned. “They usually chase me fore a longer time. Well I guess they realized that they weren’t going to be able to catch me.” Chiana lend closer to Lina. “What’s Zel’s problem? He look like he is some wear ells.” Lina took a quick look at Zel. “Oh, he just thinking about our friend Amelia. The one who looks almost like you. She is going to meet up with us in Nerri soon. We got a letter from her yesterday, right after you left.” Chiana nodded and looked at Zel “That’s why he was blushing. I look so much like the girl he likes. It must be weary embarrassing fore him.” She thought. “Well shall we go? It’s only an hours travel to Nerri.” At that Zel recovered to the real world. And after a few minutes they were of towards the city. They didn’t notice the figure sitting in a tree branch just above them.



2 days later Amelia hadn’t arrived jet. Lina was beginning to get bored. “Where is she? I want to leave, it’s so boring here.” Lina, Chiana and Gourry were downstairs in the dining room. Chiana and Gourry was playing chess and Gourry was winning. “Checkmate.” “Hey how was you able to do that?” Lina looked at them and surged. “Well I really don’t know. I just play.” Chiana sweat-dropped and shook her head. “It’s the 8 time you beaten me, I give up. Lina I’ll go to the bath, se you later.” Lina just gave her a quick nod and then she continued to stare out the window.


A few minutes later Chiana was sitting in the hot bath and was enjoying herself. There were no other there at the moment. It was quite late so it wasn’t that supricing. “This is great. Hawing the bath all to myself... I wonder who that guy up in the tree was? I can swear I have seen him some were before. Well that can wait now I’m just going to take it easy. I’m really glad that this town don’t know about me... jet.” She settled back and dosed of.


Half an hour later she woke up and she decided to get out from the water and go to bed. She felt like some one was watching her but surged it of. She thought it just was her imagination. She was always jumpy when she was in a town. She walked into the wash room and was soon done and on her way back to her room.


On her way back to she bumped into Zel, literary. “Ow, that hurts.” Chiana was holding her nose, and Zel just looked startled. He had probably been in other thoughts just like her. “Sorry Chiana.” She looked up at him. He was taller than her. “It’s ok. I was in other thoughts. Zel may I ask you a question?” Zel nodded he wasn’t really listening. “That Amelia girl, she means a lot to you doesn’t she?” Now Zel was listening. He was also beginning to blush. “What make you think that? She’s a friend and nothing more.” “Well fore one thing you blush when some one talk about you and her in the same sentience. Hey com’on, it’s easier to talk to a stranger.” He didn’t answer. “Well if you don’t want to talk now it’s ok. But keep in mind that you can talk to me if you feel like it.” She gave him a friendly smile and walked to her room. Zel opened his hand and gazed at the bracelet he held. “Amelia...”



Chiana sat on the bed and was holding a small drawing pad. She flipped trough the pages and sighed. “The only thing I been able to draw is places I never been to... not that I really know for certain. People says it’s a good thing to draw things to remember, but I’m beginning to doubt that.” She closed the pad and laid down on the bed. “I really wish I could remember more.” She slowly drifted of to sleep, but not a peace full sleep. It was a sleep full of images and blurry faces. Places and more images.


Chiana sat straight up in the bed. She was sweating and breathing fast. She picked up the drawing pad and made a fast sketch. It was of a man. And the strange thing was that she could remember his face and to draw it down. “Who the hell is this person? Damn I hate this.” She threw the pad at the door and began to sob. “Why can’t I remember?” she hugged her knees to her chest and sobbed harder. She stayed that way the rest of the night. She didn’t want to sleep any more that night. She didn’t want any more of those images to hunt her dreams.


The next morning Chiana went down for breakfast quite early. She put on her cloak and when she entered the dining hall she was supriced to see Zel there. The dining hall was nearly empty, there was only a couple of weary drunken travelers there. She walked over to Zel’s table and sat down. “Morning Zel. What are you doing up so early?” Zel looked up from his cup of coffee. “Couldn’t sleep. What about you?” She placed her pad on the table, she had picked it up when she left her room. “Couldn’t sleep ether. Nightmares as always.” She looked down at her pad and sighed heavy. “But I’m not going to bother you with that.” She waved over a waiter and ordered a cup of coffee like Zel. Nether Zel or Chiana said anything fore quite awhile. So Chiana decided to brake the silence. “So Zel... where do you come from?” Zel almost choked on his coffee and then looked at Chiana like she was from another planet or something. “What? Why would you want to know about that?” Chiana looked down in her coffee. “Well... I was just wondering. But you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. You maybe don’t want to talk about your past because of what Rezo did to you.” Chiana looked up from her coffee and looked around, she had a weary confused look on her face. “Were did that come from? I don’t know anything about you.” Zel looked even more confused then Chiana. “How did you know about that?” “Hey didn’t I just say I didn’t know where that came from? This is even weirder than that dream last night.” Now Zel was weary interested. “What about it?” Chiana was glaring at him and was a little supriced that he asked. “Hu... you want to know?” Zel just nodded. “Well um.. it’s easier if I show you.” She picked up her pad and flipped through the pages then she gave it to Zel. “I dreamt about this person last night but I have no idea who it is. I’m always seeing faces when I dream but they are all blurred out. This is the first one I been able to see fully. Hey Zel are you alright?” Zel just stared at the drawing. Then he flipped through the other ones. “Who is this girl? Can it be... no it couldn’t, she wrote us a letter just a few days ago.” Zel thought. He looked at Chiana she was searching fore something in her cloak. He wet back to look at the drawings. Chiana found what she was looking for. “Hey Zel, may I look at that bracelet beside you coffee mug?” Zel just nodded, he was in his own thoughts and didn’t really hear what Chiana asked for. Chiana stretched over and picked up the bracelet. She studied it close and then she spoke. “Hey these two bracelets look exactly the same.”


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