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Dark Girl's Slayers Fan Fic Page!

Last updated: 6 Feb 2001

*Waves to everyone* Thank you for visiting my page. It's not done jet but come back soon ok. ^_^ And if you got the time, pleas sign my Guestbook.

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Previous updates: 

6 Feb: Added a peace of Fan art. And I got Part 4 of Slayers J working. Sorry for not updating sooner but ti's so much in school so I just don't have thi time. I'm going to add a nother part of Slayers J and a Guest Fic soon.

 27 Dec: Slayers J part 4

8 Nov: Slayers J part 3. And 3 new peaces of fanart is poasted.

28 Oct: Figure in the Dark part 4, Slayers J part 1 and 2.



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