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Part 4!


Chiana paused for a minute and looked at Zel. He was staring at her and the two bracelets she was holding. "Well ok they doesn’t look EXACTLY the same. My have a broader wristband." Zel just continued to stare at her. "Hey Zel where did you get this? It can maybe help me in my search. This bracelet is the only thing I got from my past." Zel was in total chock, and so was also Lina who was standing in the doorway with Gourry. "Chiana do you mean that that’s your bracelet?" Zel finally managed to ask. Chiana just looked confused. "Yes. Is one of the few things I got from my past. Why is something wrong?" She looked at Zel then at Lina who had walked over and sat down at the table. Gourry did the same. Now Chiana was beginning to feel a little nervous. "What are these other things.. Chiana?" Lina asked. "Well I can show you if you’d like?" Lina nodded and all headed up to Chiana’s room, plus someone that wasn’t expected.

When everyone was in Chiana’s room she cast a spell that opened a form of storage’s space. She took out a bag and opened it and took out it contents. Both Lina and Zel just stared. What Chiana had laid on the bed was a white sorceress outfit and some other stuff. "Well this is my stuff. Not weary mush and I didn’t feel like wearing it after..." She trailed off. "After what?" Gourry asked because nether Lina or Zel was out of their chock jet. "Um...well I didn’t want to wear them after I woke up. I couldn’t remember who I was or were I came from, it just didn’t feel right." She looked at Lina and the others and got startled when she saw them. "Um...guys why are you looking at me like that?" "Amelia?" Lina managed to say. "Eh... why are you calling me that? Isn’t your friend Amelia coming here to meet you?" " no, I mean you are Amelia. When did you write that letter anyway and why are you doing this?" Chiana/Amelia just looked lost. "Doing what? I haven’t written any letter. Why would I write a letter to you?" "Well we all know for certain that you are Amelia, ore it’s a major coincident that you have stuff that looks EXACTLY like hers. But who wrote that letter?"

"I did." Every one looked at the source of the voice. "XELLOS?" Lina and Zel jelled in union. "Hey you were that guy up in the tree... and from that inn. You took me some place, but I can’t remember why or were." Chiana/Amelia said. Xellos floated Indian stile and tapped his chin. "Oh did I? Maybe I did." He smiled like always. "But why? I don’t even know you." Xellos smiled even more. "Sore wa himitsu desu, my dear Chiana or is it Amelia?" Chiana/Amelia was a little supriced, she hadn’t really realized that she was the one that they called Amelia until that moment. "How can she be Amelia? Look at her eyes. Amelia got blue eyes, Chiana got..." Zel trailed of Chiana/Amelia was looking him straight in the eyes. He was shocked of what he saw. Her eyes were flickering from red to blue. The other also saw her eyes, it was a pretty scary sight. She fell to her knees but she never took her eyes from Zel’s. Well until she passed out that is.

"What just happened?" Lina asked no one in particular. "Didn’t you see Lina. I think it was quite obvious." "Why don’t you just shut up fore ones Xellos." Lina glared at him fore a while but come to think of the letter. "Xellos, why did you write that letter?" She regretted asking that question. "Wait don’t answer that. I already know what you are going to answer." Xellos tried to look hurt but he didn’t do a weary good job. "Hey Lina shouldn’t we move Chiana from the floor?" Lina looked from Xellos to Gourry and then to Zel who hadn’t mowed. "Of course we should move her. Com‘on help me here Gourry lay he on the bed. Gourry did so after Lina had moved the stuff from the bed.

Zel finally got out of his trance like state, and he quickly left the room. "Well if she is Amelia it would explain why she was able to draw that pic of Kopii Rezo." He thought to himself. He walked out of the inn and went outside the town. He needed some time to think.

Back at the inn Amelia was beginning to wake up. "What just happened?" she asked quietly. She sat up in the bed and looked around. "You passed out. How are you feeling?" Lina asked. "Pretty good I guess, I just got a headache. Hey were did Zel go?" She rose from the bed and grabbed her head. "Ow, I think I got to get rid of this headache first." She chanted a small healing spell and then she got up again. "He left a couple of minutes ago. Do you remember anything more about your past?" Lina asked. Amelia shook her head. "No not really. I had a few images but I can’t really remember them." Amelia walked over to the mirror and picked up her swords but when she saw her own image in the mirror she gasped. "Wow, what happened to my eyes?" "That is the collar you use to have." Amelia looked confused. "The collar I use to have. What do you mean by that? And who am I?" Lina looked at Amelia and sighed. "You are princess Amelia Wil Telsa De Serrun. You used to travel with us and stuff like that. But it’s been 5 years sins we saw you." Amelia just looked even more confused. Then she started to giggle. "Sure I’m a princess. That I really can’t believe, it sounds to freaked out. If you’ll excuse me, I "Princess" Amelia will be downstairs and get something to eat." She was still giggling when she left the room. Lima just stood there and stared. Hey, Lina I don’t think she believed you." Gourry said and just looked at the door. "Nether do I Gourry. Hey were did Xellos go?"

Down stairs Amelia was talking to the Innkeeper. She then went out the door and walked towards the exit of the town. "It’s nice to walk in a town were people don’t know who you are...I wish I knew who I were." She walked in to a forest and walked fore about half an hour and then she retched a small pond. She heard someone mumbling and looked around. "I didn’t expect to find him here." She thought to herself. "I might as well talk to him when I’m here." She walked closer to the mumbling and then she put on a smile and spoke. "Hey, Zel. Didn’t think I would find you here. Mind if I’ll join you?" Zel didn’t look up or answer. Amelia sat down beside him. After a couple of minutes she took out something from her pocket and handed it to Zel. "I think you should have this." Zel looked at Amelia and then the bracelet she held. "Come on take it. I must have given it to you at some point and now I’m giving it to you again." Zel didn’t take the bracelet nor did he say anything. Amelia frowned a little and then she took Zel’s hand and laid the bracelet in it. "It’s yours. The Amelia you knew gave it to you. I know I’m not that person but I can’t do anything about it. Not jet anyway." Everything was quiet fore a while. "Zel...what was I like? Lina said that I’m a princess but I’m hawing a hard time to believe that." She looked out over the pond and sighed. Then Zel spoke. "It’s true what Lina said. You are a princess. And what you were like... well I don’t think I the person you should ask that question to." Amelia looked confused. "Why is that? You knew me as well didn’t you? What can bee so awful that you can’t say it?" Zel looked at her. "You really want to know?" She nodded. "Ok... you were a crazy justice freak that maid weary annoying justice speeches and climbed up on high places and ended up falling on your head." He stopped and looked out over the pond. It was quiet fore a wile until he heard a giggle. He looked up at Amelia, she was trying hard not to laugh. "What’s so funny?" Amelia calmed down and brushed some tears out of her eyes. "You can’t be serious about that. I can’t imagine myself like that. Do you understand how extremely stupid that sounds? Well if I were like you described you guys must had a few laughs." She started giggling again and laid down. Zel just looked at her with a small smile on his face. But Amelia never noticed because she was giggling to hard.