Puck: Hmph.. *rubs the sore on his head* I can't believe she went and did that.. *gets a dazed look* I think she likes me. *shakes dazed expression of his face* *grumbles* I'm the oldest brother and here *gestures around himself* I have a crappy page. I don't get to tell you my world plans for domination! All I get to do is give you stories that I'M NOT EVEN IN!!!!!! *sighs and looks beat* I'd have been happy to have done the GIG page..

Carry On

Puck: A story *sighs* about a new threat to the Sailor Brats that is crossed between TV version of Sailor Moon and Manga Code Name Sailor V. *Why do i have to do this...*

Part 1: A Change In Life.

Chapter 1: A Confused Child.
Chapter 2: A Pretty Kitty Named Ace.
Chapter 3: Nightmare Central.
Chapter 4: Pizza Boy.

Part 2: Secrets Revealed

Chapter 5: More Heart Ache.

The Power of Love

Puck: Yay! Luna's dead!


Demonic Dementions

Puck: The mother load of all crossovers.. it includes Marack, Jamie, and Trachtemis and many other anime characters.. but not ME!

Chapter 1: Awakening.
Chapter 2: The Infamous Cowgirl: Lina Inverse.

Puck: The last three were started but haven't gotten around to being finished.

Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy crossedover with Urusei Yatsura!
Chapter 1.

*sighs* The continuation of Lodoss Wars after the first Series.
Chapter 1: A New Beginning.

And last but not lease a Fanfic with Ranma in it...
Chapter 1: Myasuki: Foxy martial arts lady

Puck: Well that's it.. oh I have a bit more space.. I can ramble... *hears a distinct voice in his head saying, "NO".* *grumbles* It's not fair... *goes and sits down on a stool in the corner and pushes back his long white hair*

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