Trachtemis's Horrid Domain of Negverse Fanfics is back!!
Destroyed by a stalker, we have been moved here.

Trachtemis: Bwahaha!! *ehem* Welcome to the new location of my site... *glances in Jamie's direction who's sitting on an oak stool twiddling her thumbs and trying to whistle* We had to move due to SOMEONE'S stupidity with a certain boy!

Jamie: He's lying. It wasn't just my fault...

Trachtemis: Oh I see it's my fault *sarcasm*

Jamie: that's right...

Trachtemis: ANYWAYS, welcome to my abode. This beautiful young woman, *gestures back to Jamie who is no longer sitting on the stool but standing up in an elegant black dress with red fringe pattern around the neck sleeves and bottom.* is my fiancee. *puts his arm around her, whereas Jamie becomes extremely aware of everyone's eyes*

Jamie: uh.... *notices very angry Marack and Johnathan. As Trachtemis bends down to kiss her, she whispers* What time is it? *and runs off in the direction of the GIG webpages*

Trachtemis: Not again... Puck, you're encharge of introducing the next pages.. *chases after her*

*Enter in Puck, Katey, and Angel. Puck, who at the announcement that he has the power of the webpage, gets a very maniacal smile on his face*
Puck: I have the power to send YOU anywhere!!

Angel: TRACHTEMIS!! He's got that scary look on his face again!! *in the distance appologies are being made* ... eh..

Katey: This is humiliating.. why does Jamie get away with not being here...

*Enter Zitti, who looks at Puck and rolls her eyes*
Zitti: Who gave the power hungry idiot, permission to run this page? *walks over to Puck and pulls out a mallet from subspace and hits him hard* Alright if we want to get anywhere, I'm in charge!

Puck: ow....

Zitti: Quiet you! *swings the mallet again, knocking Puck out cold*

Angel: But this is a NEGAVERSE page. A sailor scout can't run it...

Zitti: I'm chaos.. i can do what I want. Alright then! Right of Zitti
See that link to the right of me? *points to the right of her* This link will take you to multiple fanfics by Jamie or Trachtemis.

Zitti: See that little link under me?*points below her*

Under Zitti
That's the page that will get you to the Spectra Chronicles.

Left of Zitti Zitti: See the link the to left of me? *points to the left*. This link will take you to other people's fanfics!

Above Zitti
Zitti: See the link above me? *points above her* This will take you to the horrid MSTS!!

Zitti: *Takes a deep breath* Katey can direct you to the links... *faints*

Katey: Alright let's make this easy!

Links to other pages!

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