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Sailor Thoth

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Pointless Little Intro-Blurp-Thing

Since this site originated as a Sailor Moon fanart gallery (then later expanded to include other animes), Sailor Moose and the newest Sailor Scouts, the Egyptian Senshi, will guide you through each section of the site. They will be your tour guides to help you find your way.


You can get fanart commissions from me for ABSOLUTELY FREE if you can help me find and get some of the items on my Wish List!! CLICK HERE for the list!
If you can tell me where to get one of the items above, and if I actually do get it, I will draw any free fanart, fancels, or fanart CGs of your choice series/character! The value of the item you help me get (well, how much I value it, anyways... ^^) will determine how many fanarts you get! Feel free to email me using the button below or see Sailor Osiris for details!


Latest Updates Summary!

04-03-04 -- Massive update and new fanart category coming VERY soon!! ^^;;
See Sailor Bastet for more details!

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