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Lina & Naga
Lina & Naga (Poster style)
Lina & Naga II
Naga doodle

Lina Inverse

Lina salutes!
Lina fights the Red Eyes Black Dragon!


About The Fanart

Though there's not much here now, I will try to get some more Slayers drawings done! My very first Slayers drawing was a not-bad pic of Lina making a "peace" sign (in the menu to the left). And then there's the pic of Lina fighting the Red Eyes Black Dragon from Joey's deck in YuGiOh... :P and the SNAZZY CG image I made like it in Photoshop (makes a GREAT desktop wallpaper! :D)

Note: For the CG pic "Halloween", it's a pic I did for a Halloween-related contest. The pic is of the 2003 pumpkin I carved which has Lina's face on it and the "Slayers" logo! The face that I used on the pumpkin is faded out into the night sky!




Lina & Naga II CG
Lina fights the Red Eyes Black Dragon CG


Lina & Naga cel
Lina & Naga poster-style cel

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